Don Davis
Don Davis

Unmasking the Israeli realities

With Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, peace talks, or lack of, war and terror threats, attacks and retaliation, border skirmishes and regional instability, revolving elections, and peace plans that never materialize, maybe it’s time for ‘straight talk’ or – unmasking the Israeli realities.

I will discuss four main points.

  1. Politically correct (PC).
  2. Why Netanyahu is popular.
  3. What I refer to as the Israeli/Palestinian peace delusion, confusion and losing era.
  4. And the regional Hatfield and McCoy syndrome (which may be the most contentious subject).

But as a footnote; most of this hypothesis would no longer apply if Israel annexes Judea and Samaria. It would instantaneously alter to another reality.

Number One, I must make it abundantly, stoutly clear, that PC in the Middle East can get you permanently and cruelly maimed, tortured or killed. Even in pseudo-democratic-type countries, this continent divide is ruled by the strong, rich, religion, smart and well-armed. Not necessarily in that order.

Additionally, in this region it is what you believe, or your religion, that during violent circumstances can save you, or get you mercilessly slaughtered.

There is no such thing as PC in exceedingly structured or radical religions in the Middle East. You follow their rules and beliefs or get ostracized and forced migration (if you’re lucky), imprisoned, tortured or executed.

Number Two, despite Israelis’ dire wish that voting was truly for the best contestant or for popularity, the wicked regional realities make that impossible.

Therefore, many Israelis have clung to Benjamin Netanyahu because they felt he kept them safe. Pure and simple.

When you live in a country that have certain borders where enemy tanks and vehicles can attack and overrun in 30 minutes, and when rockets, mortars and missiles can strike in seconds and minutes, your very life becomes the ultimate priority in politics.

Netanyahu is admired because he is thought to have the mental and physical aptitude to do, and continue to do, whatever it takes to protect Israel regardless of the adversary, threats of War Crimes, and the International Court. This means nuclear strikes if necessary.

I’m not going to repeat Netanyahu’s political and military history. But he has proven himself in combat and special operations. As top leader of Israel, with the added pressure of no one above him in leadership, he has made decisions for years protecting Israel.

Benny Gantz may have the same qualities as Netanyahu, or more, but has never made decisions with no one above him. Thus, unproven in grave political and military circumstances. Hence does not yet have the majority support. Plus, whether true or not, is portrayed to be somewhat secular. Consequently, very little support, if any, from the Jewish religious.

Most important, in the Middle East, leaders, specifically top leaders, have to have a proven reputation of a tough-guy, or a personal, battle-tough group. Or you will get no respect. Which means weak, or appearances as weak, or unknown, or untested leaders, will be vigorously challenged by pressures, attacks, terror and war. Normally, immediately.

The enemies of Israel know the stresses and strains, and responses, Benjamin Netanyahu can retain and retort as top leader.

Nevertheless, despite being Israel’s military Chief of Staff, no one knows, including enemies, how Benny Gantz will respond as Israel’s top leader. Although, with the political and legal demands mounting against Netanyahu, we may soon find out how Gantz performs.

Number Three, the Israeli/Palestinian peace, delusion, confusion and losing era.

Decades of money, meetings, talks, promises, high-profile signings with little or nothing to show – and death. Lots of death. On both sides.

Palestinians would likely say, particularly with the current American administration, the process is going backwards with no belief of an encouraging Palestinian resolution.

The hope for the Oslo Accords, beginning in 1993, was, allegedly, eternally dashed after the failure of the 2000 Camp David Summit. Attending, was Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Leader, Yasser Arafat.

Reports were positive that Barak was willing to go to great lengths to secure peace. However, Arafat’s reluctance, supposedly demonstrated to the Israeli government that Arafat was not going to compromise and wanted more, all of Israel. Or wanted Israel, minus the Jewish State. As a result, Israelis charged that Arafat and the Palestinian leaders never relinquished violence against Israel, and to this day teach children to kill Jews.

Also, Yasser Arafat was, and true to this day, the only Palestinian leader who could have made peace with Israel. He commanded and controlled the Palestinian Arabs. Today, the Palestinians have chronically fractured and have leaders of groups, zones, terror organizations, or leaders in name only. But lack a dynamic, solitary leader to govern a nation.

Worse, the Palestinian people do not have a coordinated ideal or nation model. Most of the splintered leadership is stagnated with the outdated and repulsed violent methods of the 1970s and 80s, and presently associated with past and present malevolent terror attacks. This continued terror connection, paying or supporting terrorists families, and related actions and behavior will never garner mainstream world support or produce nation-building.

Nonetheless if viewed fairly, it’s Israel fault too.

Purportedly, Israel doesn’t want a Palestinian State due to concern of potential and adjacent dangers.

And they don’t want to absorb Palestinians due to concern the Arabs will eventually outnumber the Jewish presence, and out-vote the subsistence of the ‘Jewish’ State of Israel.

During this phase, reportedly Israel used and uses the famous, old tool of the Middle East – time.

In other words, do nothing or very little, speak and act like you care, point fingers and accuse someone else, and wait long enough so that time consumes the initiatives, dreams, people and nations involved.

The endless, pessimistic circle of negotiations weary even the most committed. And, throw a gloomy caution to the newbie and the fresh.

Moreover, there is an ancient tragedy that seems to be authentic. Wait long enough, and the Arabs, in this case, the Palestinian Arabs, will begin fighting between themselves.

The surrounding Arab Nations are not without blame as well.

The combined Arab countries, peoples, money, businesses, Public Relations (PR), and ideas could have significantly and optimistically revised the lives of your relatives, your Palestinian Arab brothers and sisters.

I know this subject is delicate, but with scripture examination, wisdom and advice from your Muslim clergyman, leaders and business representatives; vibrant commerce arrangements could have produced startling results for the Palestinians, results unlike any other.

For years western businesses have been wanting to flock to the Palestinian sectors. But lack of security, support, infrastructure, and money channeled fittingly, prevented it. Still does.

There could have been competitive Palestinian companies. Together with, arguably, the biggest business that could be in Israel, and in the Palestinian Authority to date – Christmas.

Israel nor the Palestinian Authority have Christmas celebrations anywhere near or equal to USA, Europe and other countries. And this is where it all began for Christians, the largest religion in the world.

This topic is also extremely delicate with the Jewish religious. Their fears are many, Christmas celebrations will lure the ‘weak’ away from God; and I will leave the description at that without further clarification. This subject alone can get very toxic between Jews and Christians.

Yet, with Jewish scripture examined, wisdom and advice from Jewish spiritual leaders, a conclusion could be realized with Jewish Israeli businesses on providing full, Christmas celebrations for gentiles in the Holy Land. In addition to Hanukkah.

No country or city on earth would have the equivalent Christmas attraction, and draw to Christians, other than Israel and Bethlehem. Hotels, year-around themed arenas, re-creations and action scenes, and decorated archeology sites would dazzle.

The City of Bethlehem alone, if done correctly, may perhaps be worth billions of revenue. World famous performers would clamor to perform at Bethlehem during Christmas holidays. Located close to Jerusalem, Jerusalem should predictably benefit.

Look and research what other cities collect in profits during Christmas. Check the positive spike of income and attendance of  themed parks, restaurants and related locals during Christmas.

A mega-promoter’s Christmas grand prize attraction – Israel and the Palestinian Authority’s  (PA) Christmas celebrations.

Nationwide available themed Christmas merchandise, ancient cities decorated, lights, private parties, world class singers in Roman amphitheaters, music, holiday food and wines, kosher and not, and live dioramas and Biblical action.

Business in the northern areas like Kinneret (or Galilee) and Nazareth could be phenomenal.

This is only the beginning of ideas for both Israel and the PA. Possibilities could be staggeringly beneficial if done correctly, and if the conditions and the surroundings were right, and safe.

Number Four, and finally, the United States of America. This will be by far the most controversial of the opinions presented, and an answer to the critics against some of the past US Ambassadors, and current US Ambassador to Israel, and peace plan architects.

Predominantly, after vocal repercussions from statements President Trump said in his speech, concerning ‘some’ Jews, at the Israeli American Council Summit on December 8th. I first want to say, I am not prejudice. My in-depth record of living overseas for decades, and accepting people as they are, is widely known. Plus, one of the things I have learned, is that the Jewish people strive to reveal every side of an issue, and it is no different in Israel. Israelis endeavor to be fair and balanced and this is my effort to articulate a subject that few or no one will disclose publicly.

I have labeled this, the (perceived) USA’s regional Hatfield and McCoy syndrome.

For those not familiar with American history, in the 1800s there were two famous, warring families in the area along the West Virginia and Kentucky State borders. Several family members killed. The feuding lasted for years with no real peaceful conclusion, except for death, prison sentences, life imprisonment, execution by hanging, and growing old.

Now – in trying to settle or negotiate between two disagreeing or combative factions, in this case between the Hatfield family and the McCoy family. It would be considered not fair to have the judge, or mediator, from either the Hatfield clan or the McCoy clan. Unless, both clans were represented equally. Most effectively, a judge or arbitrator would be from neither related party.

As a result, it might be deemed provocative for the USA to appoint a US Ambassador to Israel that was a Muslim, a practicing Muslim. The Israeli Muslims and the PA might like it, but probably not the Jewish Israelis.

In reciprocal, for the PA, and other Arabs and Israeli Arabs, USA appointing a US Ambassador that is Jewish might not emerge as balanced in this scenario and endless, heated environment.

Remember, in this region it is not only race, or ethnic, it is primarily religion. Religion trumps (no pun intended) nation or tribe.

On the other hand, if I were Jewish, I would want the privilege and honor to be the US Ambassador to Israel. It would be the greatest achievement. Additionally, those that were, and are Jewish, have served the USA admirably and honorable. This is undisputed.

But I don’t think the PA, or the Arabs, share this enthusiasm of a Jewish US Ambassador appointed to the Jewish State of Israel. Might appear one-sided to Muslims and a few Arab Christians. Furthermore, that the individuals creating the ‘peace plan’ are not from the region, and, there are no high-profile or recognizable Muslims credited in fashioning the new peace plan.

I want to strongly reiterate, this is NOT an attack on US Jewish government or military individuals. Rather, it is an attempt to illustrate that USA representatives, as a third party, yet in command of a decade’s long, extraordinarily complicated and fragile negotiation, should, at least, appear to be completely and thoroughly disconnected from both feuding delegations.

Or at the very least assign equal US representation from the US Muslim community, who are experienced and knowledgeable in Middle Eastern Muslim behavior and sects.

I will also counter the point.

Sometimes appointing a representative is not only theoretical, but an assembly of realities. As history has shown there are many Jewish personalities that have excelled scholarly, judiciary, etc., etc., and as public servants.

USA has always been pro-Israel, and has a substantial, outspoken, Evangelical Christian community, Protestant and Catholic groups, and many others, who undeniably and unilaterally support Israel. Supporting all of Israel and modern Israel. Including the entire Biblical borders of ancient Israel and prophetic borders of Israel, which envision a much larger nation/state/realm.

There are those too, both theologian and otherwise, that claim that prophecy does not reveal a Palestinian country in Israel. Calculating that prophecy only discloses the nations of Israel and Judah, who are joined together near the ‘end days’.

Concurrently, and this is crucially paramount. Allegedly, Muslims are apprehensive to openly associate with any Israel/PA peace plan for fear of harassment and attacks from terrorist and Muslim hardliners opposed to Israel. Moreover, reprisals if the peace plan fails. Again.

So purportedly, with Muslim resistance and reluctance to visibly contribute, even in some cases to be linked with a peace plan, lack of Palestinian unity, lack of a distinctive, comprehensive Palestinian leader, lack of coordination, lack of ANY flexibility nor willing to initially talk, insults to the USA and personnel, and the continued support and use of terror.

Simultaneously, with USA’s unquestionable support for Israel. Israel, the only true, democratic country in the Middle East. Coupled with Israel being an indispensable ally. In unison with the overwhelming willingness and enthusiasm of talented, Jewish participants. USA thus chooses who is best qualified, the best candidate, and, who wants to draft a peace plan. Along with comparable traits, and other considerations, on choosing a US Ambassador to Israel.

Which in this case is a Jewish US Ambassador to Israel and Jewish peace plan architects.

Note: this is a highly abridged article from the analyst/author, accentuating only chosen material for a short commentary.

About the Author
Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But many of his abridged reports on current or Israeli subjects have been posted as articles or blogs in, The Times of Israel, The Christian Messenger, a newspaper/journal/magazine, and in American news online. Don is also the book author of The Children of Santiago, The Theogonic Resurrections, My three and a half hours at Playboy Mansion West, and Knights of Consuming Fire.
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