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US support: Is TikTok’s power waning?

Author's analysis of monthly results

Despite all the protests and social media noise, American support for Israel is solid and encouragingly is shifting towards Israel in the 18-24 population. Thank you US for your support!!!

It is too early to make conclusions but just a simple look at the results of the monthly Harvard-Harris poll, which I have been following since October, shows two clear trends.

Firstly, support for Israel remains at almost the same levels as it did in the aftermath of 7th October across the total population – over 80%.

Secondly, the very worrying sign that young Americans supported Hamas in significant numbers seems to be changing as support swings to levels similar to the rest of the general population.

That a significant minority still support Hamas is, of course, worrying but we have moved a long way.

Why has it changed? I don’t have a scientifically objective view, but my feeling is that the onslaught of social media, especially TikTok, campus activity, fake news and protests is starting to be overtaken by the traditional rational thought and considered perspective that reverts to key values – but which takes time to percolate.

I may be entirely wrong, but whatever the reason, it is important for the majority to know that they are not alone and that most people in the US understand the situation in the same way.

In other questions, it is important to note that:

    • 67% (53% of 18-24’s) think there should only be a ceasefire when all hostages are removed and Hamas removed from power
    • 68% (65% of 18-24’s) agree with the statement that Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties
    • 63% (57% of 18-24’s) support Israel continuing its ground invasion into Southern Gaza

I will not let up my advocacy efforts because this is a daily and hard fought battle, and the picture is for sure less clear in other parts of the world, but it is important that amidst all this madness Israel does not stand alone, thanks to the support of the majority of good people for which I am grateful.

I pray for peace and an end to the terror caused for all innocent people by Hamas’s actions and hope our hostages are returned quickly and our IDF soldiers, including my son, can come back from battle safe and sound.

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I live in Yad Binyamin having made Aliyah 17 years ago from London. I have an amazing wife and kids including a son in Special Forces and two daughters, one soon to start uni and one in high school. A partner of a global consulting firm and a Parkinson's patient and advocate.
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