Laci Molnar

Video: Migrants decline water and food in Hungary

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I believe no sovereign and self-respecting country is obligated to let unrestricted and unlawful migration into its territory. It’s shameful to see hypocritical France and Germany scold Hungary for defending its border and seeking to preserve its societal makeup. Many of these refugees/migrants have already crossed the borders of many other sovereign countries to get to Hungary. Hungary doesn’t border any conflict zone. It shouldn’t be obligated to take in any or facilitate their passage to another EU country.

France and other – sometimes self-righteous and hypocritical – Western European countries are incredibly callous when they compare Hungary’s wall on its own border to stop illegal immigration with the walls built during the Cold War to prevent Hungarians from leaving their own country. If tens of thousands of Algerians started flooding Marseille and taking over trains and causing havoc in the streets, I doubt other EU countries would criticize France for however it handled this problem in its own territory.

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Laci Molnar is a Hungarian journalist-editor. He studied political studies and international relations; a former intern of Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
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