Wake Up America!

Poor James Taylor! That’s something I never thought I’d say.

Have you seen that embarrassing debacle manufactured by John Kerry and, presumably, The Obama administration? It was painful to watch. In fact, I had to look away. Fair warning – if you haven’t seen it, Google it only if you must. This was modern day American political leadership at its worst, another example of the delusion of style over substance, feelings over actions. John Kerry went to France with James Taylor in tow to offer a “Le hug” and a tired folk song as a feckless tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

With head down and little to no sound going out over the city hall sound system, Mr. Taylor appeared uncomfortable as he eked out the song “You’ve Got a Friend” to a group including France’s President and Foreign Minister. John Kerry stood close by wiggling and squirming and eventually had an equally squirmy woman stand next to the singer with a portable mic that Mr. Taylor never seemed to notice. Had it been possible at that moment for the renowned entertainer to suddenly become incognito, I believe he would gladly have seized the opportunity.

What in the name of all things decent and proper was this fiasco designed to prove? Did we think this is what France, the victim’s families and the world needed to hear from the United States of America? Is this the best America can offer to show support and solidarity with another country enduring the horror of terrorism in its capitol city? America, the land of the strong and the brave, displayed a weak, childlike spirit void of substance and leadership.

When the most powerful world leaders gathered in Paris to make a strong and unwavering statement against evil and in support of a grieving ally, where was Mr. Kerry or, better yet, President Obama? What does the absence of an American leader at such a time as this reflect to the world? What signals are we giving to the Islamic extremists who are intent on causing the demise of the U.S. and Israel?  At this point, even an American leader spewing empty but strong “rhetoric” would be more comforting than this laissez faire arrogance of offering a song and a hug to a violated and terrorized nation. Instead, what we brought France was a group hug and a Kumbaya sing along moment.

The example in Paris is just the latest example of the depth to which America’s leadership is sinking. Is it by design or is our leadership just that incompetent? Holy scripture admonishes us to pray for our leaders whether we agree with them or not. I believe NOW is the time for our nation to humble itself before the All Mighty God of The universe. He is strongest in our weakness. Bowing on bended knees, let us beseech God to shake up and wake up the leaders of this great nation.

The following is an excerpt written by Dr. Jack Graham for the 2015 National Day of Prayer. “We pray for our beloved nation. May we repent and return to You and be a light to the nations. And we pray for our leaders and ask that You give them wisdom and faith to follow You. Preserve and protect us, You are our refuge and only hope.”

Every day should be a national day of prayer!

About the Author
Rene Moran Firesheets is a 59 year old Christian woman from the Deep South of The United States. She holds a Masters degree from Louisiana State University.
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