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Getting Unstuck

We Are Stuck

As an emotional well-being coach dedicated to guiding individuals to get “unstuck” at any moment, at this current moment, the landscape in Israel reflects emotional turmoil.

And that’s because, if we’re willing to admit it, we are undeniably stuck.

There exist unmistakable signs when an individual is emotionally “stuck”:

  • You’re overwhelmed by negative emotions, and unable to shake off a persistent bad mood.
  • You feel out of control
  • You are convinced that you’re absolutely right while everyone else is wrong.
  • You prefer to stay right than to get unstuck.
  • You can’t see a way out

While getting stuck primarily manifests at the individual level, it becomes increasingly apparent that this phenomenon can extend to a national scale.

Heart-wrenching images of fellow Jews in confrontation consistently dominate national headlines, ranging from Tel Aviv on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, to Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef’s divisive remarks about secular Jews consuming non-Kosher food, insinuating intellectual deficiency.

Clearly, we are ensnared in this emotional quagmire, and regrettably, clarity eludes us.

The nature of being stuck is such that it remains invisible when one is trapped within it, akin to living inside a fishbowl.

We lay blame on the other side, convinced they are the ones mired in stagnation, when, in reality, we are ensnared as well.

The illusion persists that if the other party could only liberate themselves, life would instantly become more manageable.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge a fundamental truth: You cannot compel someone else to get unstuck. You are only response-able for how you feel and how you respond to the challenging situations you face in your life.

So Israel, it’s time for us to wake up and recognize that we’re ensnared in a significant challenge.

We are, undoubtedly, stuck.

Yet, there is hope, and the path to liberation begins with each one of us—not with others or the entire nation.

Each day, we ought to engage in introspection, asking, “Am I holding onto thoughts and feelings that are keeping me stuck?” “Am I clutching onto a narrative that I’m unwilling to release?” “Am I hanging on to being right?”

We should contemplate these questions concerning our relationships, workplaces, and even the decisions made by our nation’s leaders.

Nevertheless, the most pivotal inquiry is the one directed at ourselves.

Getting stuck may be inevitable, but staying stuck is a choice.

And as more of us in Israel get unstuck, moment by moment, we will increasingly see the way forward and embark on a path of profound transformation.

We are stuck, akin to living in a fishbowl. (Credit, Canva).
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Shira Gura is the award-winning author of the book, Getting unSTUCK and host of the weekly podcast, You Can Handle Anything! She helps people feel better at any moment.
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