We can silence Breaking the Silence

Two different groups of people are in the United States right now. One group is voicing accusations and allegations “testifying” to illegal shootings of innocent victims, immoral activities and the occupation of defenseless people. The second group describes a democratic state that provides equal rights to every citizen, no matter their religion, race and world view.

Israel is a country that is surrounded by enemies and is incessantly confronted with imminent threats. It operates in a most complex reality, and despite this reality has the most moral army in the world. Pay attention to this: The first group described that acts to the state’s detriment — Breaking the Silence — has a Jewish membership. The second group, Reservists on Duty, striving on behalf of this country, is made up of Israeli minorities.

Breaking the Silence has set out on a crusade in the United States in order to incite against the State of Israel, to spread hatred and lies and blacken the name of the Israel by spreading falsities and fabrications, claiming they are “testimonies” of crimes committed. They are being funded by anti-Israel NGOS.

We, are citizens of the State of Israel, we are not Jewish, we are Israeli- Arabs, and we have come to defend the State of Israel from organizations that attack it, slander it and are hostile to it. We are here to tell the truth.

Do you think that Breaking the Silence will speak about the murderous attack that just occurred a few days ago in the industrial center of Barkan? About beautiful and young Kim and Ziv, whose lives were cut short, leaving behind grieving and broken families? Will they speak about the families and Israeli communities bordering Gaza and in the South of Israel? Communities living with daily attacks, burning fields, and amidst all this trying to live a normal life – going to work, sending kids to school, between rocket threats? How about the incendiary balloons? The terror tunnels? Will they speak of Hadar Goldin and Oren Shaul, whose bodies are still being held by Hamas? Or how about Avraham Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed, both Israelis suffering from mental illnesses and still being held in captivity by Hamas with not a single sign of life from them. Where is the out cry from them? We all know the answers.

In addition to defaming the State of Israel abroad, Breaking the Silence is also working at home in Israel to slander it. They initiate activities, tours and lectures and put every effort into growing their power base in Israel base. In fact, last Thursday, in Tel Aviv, Breaking the Silence participated in an exhibition called, “2,205 State Crimes,” for 2,205 Palestinians killed in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. Most of these people killed were terrorists affiliated with terrorist organizations and all the others who lost their lives — let us not forget that Hamas places its insurgents and fighters in between the civilian population, using their own people as human shields. They turn hospitals and schools into their fighting bases. It is Hamas that is to be held accountable for the loss of innocent civilian lives in the Gaza strip. What about the 68 Israeli soldiers who lost their lives in the operation in order to protect the citizens of Israel, to protect us and them?

They mention not one word about any of this, nothing, nada.

I served in the IDF during the Second Intifada, and it was difficult. I also stood at the checkpoints, stood guard, arrested people and fought in the Second Lebanon War. We were all equal, we were all brothers, we fought side by side, and I can testify that I served in the most humane and moral army in the world, with the highest ethical code and human values. The IDF is an army that faces challenges and complex dilemmas in an explosive zone, but it is an army with a high level and maintains the highest human worth. The IDF is an army that will bend over backwards to save lives and ensure that innocent civilians are not harmed, even if this means complicating military action, and there may have been cases where they did not live according to these standards, but they were unusual, they were not the norm and they were not the code

Where the IDF is guided. I am proud that I served under commanders who not only made me a better soldier but a better person, one of the commanders who influenced me the most was Major Roi Klein, who lost his life trying to save the soldiers of his soldiers. The other Lebanon was seriously injured after being hit by a Kornet missile, fired by Hezbollah, and my other soldiers saved my life, while under attack they risked their lives to save me.We will not let Breaking the Silence spread untruths and lies against our country. Breaking the Silence spits in the face of this nation, and we must be strong and stand up united against them. We cannot be silent, together we can silence Breaking the Silence.

About the Author
Yoseph Haddad is an Israeli-Arab activist and CEO of the organization Together Vouch for Each Other that works to connect the Arab sector to Israeli society. 
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