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Wealthy Jews Push to Donate to Non-Jewish Schools

Our education system is broken. It has been for decades. While we were busy working and playing, we lost sight of our schools and let some of the worst people look after our most cherished assets: our children!

We made the mistake, thinking that we can trust our politicians to provide our children with a proper education. After all, we all agree to pay tons of taxes towards our school systems, right? Most of our property taxes goes towards education. If you live in a large city like Toronto, we’ve all seen our property taxes go through the roof. If you own a small house or condo in Toronto worth a million bucks your taxes will be over $6,000 /yr. If your house is better than that (nothing special mind you) your house will cost about 2 million bucks and you’ll pay $12,000 /YR! Our mayor and city council are always talking about increasing it and they do. The point is, we give a lot to our school system. From day care to university and every school in between.

But many wealthy Jewish philanthropists are clamoring to donate to non-Jewish institutions, like universities, hospitals, etc. On the surface this is a most honorable thing to do and I’m proud that my fellow Jews do more than their fair share vis a vis giving to charity! But being wealthy comes with a responsibility. As our Jewish faith instructs us: It is a burden to be rich. If you happen to be one of the wealthy ones, you know the constant headache you have in looking after your wealth and assets. Once you have it, you can’t throw it out the window. You are in fact obligated to build it up and to do good things with it (mitzvahs). The last thing you want to do, is give it to our enemies, right?

Today’s article came to mind after I saw the following image from Ryerson University (in Toronto) boasting in their newsletter/magazine how they are fighting hate. They listed all the ‘common’ talking points when it comes to bigotry except for one. Fighting antisemitism! That’s quite an omission, seeing as according to Toronto police reports and Statistics Canada, antisemitic acts are on the increase. In fact as far as racism goes, Jew hate has always held the # 1 spot!

Of course I wrote to them and others and received a pat reply, something about their plans fell through with discussions with Jewish groups and they plan to restart them in the future. They apologized for this omission. I was fuming when I saw it and I still am.

But then a friend notified me about various wealthy Jewish donors or foundations that donated millions of dollars to Ryerson University and it made me fume even more! Here’s a link. These same philanthropists donate millions to all the universities in Toronto and elsewhere. I have blogged before about York University becoming a dangerous antisemitic wasp nest. You can check it out here. University of Toronto inspired the now world famous, Israel Apartheid Week that goes on in just about every university in the world today! My cousin told me about his niece who attended Ryerson University and had to endure daily anti-Israel demonstrations. I attended an anti-Israel rally years ago at Ryerson U with friends. We were all thrown out because we dared to support Israel. It was another scary event.

One doesn’t have to do too much research on any one school in order to decide if they have the right morals and ethics that we should align with. I quickly found this article from Ryerson U, virtue signaling how some minorities are being left out of school programs and lots of other BS. Note that they support the corrupt and racist BLM org!

So why are so many wealthy Jews doing this? Are they that desperate to gain some notoriety by having their name on a building of a school that at best ignores them and at worst hates them? Imagine the good that could come from instead donating to the many legitimate Jewish or Pro-Israel charities that are in desperate need of funding. I happen to hear my friend who runs the Canadian office of One Family Fund, a fantastic charity that helps Israeli victims of terror. She was on the phone, trying to calm down a terror victim who needs some shekels to live.

If we have leverage to change the antisemitic behavior of our schools, businesses, governments or any other organizations or people, we must use it. There is no excuse not to. Perhaps there is room for another organization that will do the research for these wealthy foundations and identify institutions that shouldn’t qualify for any money. Although somehow I think that these wealthy foundations already have in house staff that are well paid to do it. Maybe it’s the aggressive Leftist/Jewish organizations who have their hands out front and center when these wealthy foundations open their check books?

This ongoing support of institutions who are not our friends needs to stop! I don’t see our enemies doing that. We need to wise up!

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Leon Kushner is a retired software developer raised by Holocaust survivors. He is a husband and father of three. His interests include music, art, hiking, water skiing, snow boarding, fly fishing, reading and writing. These days he is busy with his grandchildren but still finds time for his Jewish activism.
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