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What does an $8000 flight experience feel like?

At almost 17 hours, the Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to Los Angeles on Airbus A380 is one of the longest flights in the world today.

Preity Upala enjoying a glass of champagne before take off.

So I want to take the liberty of reviewing this Premium Emirates flight from DXB to LAX.The flight was on time and as soon as I was escorted to my seat, I was offered a glass of Champagne which I graciously accepted even at 9.00 is in the morning! Its just one of those things you do when traveling in style. The cabin crew then proceeded to hand out our amenity kits- this time a beautiful Bulgari clutch with a small Eau de Parfum, body wash and lotion.

Try to manifest a window seat if possible, it’s a different experience. However all seats come with extra pillow, warm blanket, lots of legroom, movable seat that reclines all the way to a flat bed. There is also a mini bar, which comes with water, peps, mineral water and chocolate bard. Every seat also has a great pair of headphones. We take off shortly, a smooth and easy take off and off we go towards Los Angeles.

It was time for the first meal service of the flight-Lunch. So an attendant coming with champagne or orange juice or a Mimosa was a nice touch as it felt like I was having brunch, I opted for Vegetarian cutlets — spinach patties served with Vegetable Tarkari and spicy Tomato Chutney. Much more exciting and with a kick too! Served with warm, freshly baked garlic bread and croissants.

Breakfast was followed by a delicious dessert and tea and coffee.

The Emirates Airbus A380 is the only aircraft in the market that has a bar onboard. Available to business and first class passengers only, the bar is fully equipped complete with a licensed bartender. Snacks like olives, salty nuts as well mini sandwiches, petite desserts and Arabic sweets are available at all times on a self- serve basis. There is a dedicated cocktail list or just ask the bartender to whip you up something that your hear desires! Throughout the flight I was able to come back for tasty nuts, Baklava, fruit tarts and mini cheese sandwiches with mango sauce. The Bartender Ahmad kept me company and I asked him his experience with the airline. Interestingly enough, he wanted to initially be a pilot, but on the day he had to go in to interview with the fling school, he changed his mind and went to Flight attendant academy instead. Looks like he has no regrets!

I had to have a glass of my favorite drink, The Kir Royal, was pleasantly surprised that it was included in their cocktail list.

I found myself going back to the bar area every couple of hours to chat with the friendly bartender and also have interesting conversations with fellow passengers. To my surprise I met a diverse group of people traveling and managed to make some new friends. From a doctor based in Singapore to a California based luxury tour operator of a hospice groups, it was all very intriguing indeed.

I decided mid way through my flight that I fancied a little snack on demand. I opted for s Ceasar salad served with herbed focaccia to start with followed by the Trenetta pasta dish with Parmesan sauce and cherry tomato ragout. I had a bloody Mary with warm salty nuts to go with my meal. I have a Raspberry tart with a dessert wine to end with.

The view from 40,000 feet is as you can imagine, spectacular. This particular flight, the pilot took a different route going over the snowcaps of the North Pole. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I sat gazed out the window and allowed myself a lot of videos and photographs of the spectacular sight. Even the cabin crew was amazed and some even took a few selfies to get the North Pole in the background.

A unique service on this flight was when the cabin crew offered to make our bed if we were ready to take a nap. Emirates, of course is lauded for having the best on air inflight entertainment system-ICE and it did not disappoint one bit.

Finally about 3 hours before the flight was supposed to touch down at lax, we had our main meal service- dinner. This was more elaborate meal and for appetizers, we could pick between Roasted tomato soup, traditional Arabic mezze or cold- smoked ocean trout. I opted for the mezze- Spinach bil zeit, labneh, humus and stuffed vine leaves. They were served with a beet and carrot salad and freshly baked bread. I ordered a glass of Dom Perignon to go with my meal.

Next came the main course. Dinner. I went for the Vegetable Makhanwala, Mild Vegetable curry served with Kidney bean Masala and Cumin puloa. Finally dessert. I choose the Chocolate cake and a plate of seasonal fruit. As a Chocolate lover, I must say, it did not disappoint one bit. It was moist and served with Apricot compote. I asked for a cheese board as well and since not many requested it they had a few left over. Lucky me! The selections were great- Saint Paulin from Brittany, Crickets Vintage Cheddar and Gorgonzola Picante. The meal was accented by fine luxury chocolates and a cup of tea.

It all seems like a lot of food, but was just perfect in reality.

I found the female cabin crew and their service a lot to be desired for although the bartender was chatty and the other two male attendants were very courteous as well. I get this feeling they overcompensate on some of the other features to make up for the void in the customer service department. It’s not surprising that even in their premium class this attitude and service issue exists. I think they need to take an honest look at whom they hire and what kind of values and training are being instilled.

To conclude, it was a very comfortable flight, decent food, great drinks, decent service, excellent inflight entertainment and a very cool little bar onboard. I would like to travel on this airline again, hopefully will see some improvements.

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