What I have learnt while living in Israel?

Why do you love Israel?
Why do you write about Israel?

These are questions which I am still often asked.

I had decided to write some stories which may be seen from a different point of view. I had decided to write about some topics which are not so popular here in Europe.

Likewise, I guess that you can’t write about something if you haven’t visited it before.

Frankly I hate the fact when people judge, provide lies about Israel and they even don’t know to find it on a map.

I’m disgusted by hate.

Furthermore, when I have visited Israel for the first time, I saw people who smile, I was looking around myself and I saw people who hug each other, smile loudly, and talk loud….

I was thinking: “They live a regular life, honestly happier life than we live in my country.”

Therefore, Israel is not what you see on TV news.

I learnt to smile in Israel. Yes I did.
Additionally, Israelis love people who smile and share positive energy.
Henceforth, in my country if you smile they would ask:
“What’s the matter with you, why do you smile?”
Forthwith, I was told that I need to learn to live, enjoy life, because in fact I am „cold Slavic“. It was partly joke of course, but in my opinion, yes, they were absolutely right.

In fact, I learnt to live in Israel without thinking what others are going to think about it.

Definitely, I have learnt to become strong, I have learnt to openly say what I think, I have learnt to stand behind my words and not being afraid what others will tell about it.

If I could describe Israelis in three words it would be: friendly, talkative and brave.

In the meantime, I learnt to enjoy different smells, go to shuk, and figure out different colors.

Suddenly, I learnt to calm down and when I hear people on shuk saying „this is 10 shekels just for you.“

I replayed: “Great, could it be 5 shekels just for me? “

I learnt that it is OK to walk and let tears roll down your cheeks and you don’t need to explain why.

All of a sudden I have learnt to say myself whatever happens: Yi`heye be`seder (it will be OK).

When I went in Jerusalem, the most magnificent city in the world, I have learnt to trust that one day peace will be possible with those who love Israel with their soul. Those who love it will stay and live in peace; those who hate Holy Land will figure out that there is no place for them.

Israel is an emotion.
Israel is a beautiful flower who is often judged and misunderstood by the others who did not want to try to smell it and see the inner beauty of that magnificent flower.

Why do I write about Israel?

I write because in Israel I learnt to be me and stand behind my words.
I write because I consider Israel my home.

Finally, I write because I am very proud that I have an opportunity to write about the truth about wonderful land which I call my home.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Serbia. She loves to write and has had several books published. She is a member of Serbian Writers Association. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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