What is missing now is just the US seeking to ally with ISIS

Iran has promised the atomic bomb, and will get it. The agreement which was signed yesterday is an elegant mockery that the Iranians handled with patience and competence (“We negotiated at length − the head of the Iranian delegation Zarif said − and we succeeded to charm the West”).

The inspections scheduled a month in advance, and the possibility that a commission will refuse them, means that monitoring Iranian progresses toward the nuclearition is a joke; ten or fifteen years is a ridiculous time frame for stopping the Islamic bomb for good, as after this period Iran will be allowed to build the atomic bomb under the eyes of all the world; the opening of the arms market in five years, with an extension to eight for ballistic missiles, along with the dilution of the enriched uranium and the low-enrichment are absurd concessions, as the Iranians are allowed to retain 6,000 centrifuges and many advanced ones for “experimental” and “medical” systems.

Prior to the conclusion of the Treaty of Vienna, Iran had the capability to operate a nuclear bomb in two months, now it will take only one year if only there is a political decision to do that. Iran doesn’t want to stop the nuclear race: only wants to get its 1500 billion dollars after the end of sanctions within a year for financing Hezbollah that occupies Lebanon and defends Assad, the Houtis that took possession of Yemen, and the Revolutionary Guards stationing in Iraq.

The money will also serve to fund the terrorist enterprises that Iran has been championing for decades all over the world, and to strengthen the Basiji, the militia holding under its heel an entire country – a country that is suffering not only from misery.

The sharia law envisages the hanging of homosexuals; in the countryside women are still subjected to stoning, while before the court they are worth half of a man. Newspapers are being shut down and journalist go to jail. How to trust such an Iran? How can Obama trust an agreement with a country that dragged its feet for twenty years in order to move forward with the uranium enrichment, while deluding its interlocutor that the agreement was behind the corner?

In 2004, subsequent to the negotiations with the EU3 (Britain, France, and Germany) in Tehran, president Rouhani, who was then chief negotiator, claimed his role as nuclear builder before Iranians reporters: “Thanks to the talks, we have succeeded to provide enough time for completing the work at Ishfahan”.

Thus, the world was forced to realize as he said, “that the equation had wholly changed”. Rouhani in fact increased the number of centrifuges from 164 to 1500, and now we have to come to terms with the six thousand ones allowed in the deal.

So Iran can continue to buy time in its march towards the nuclear weapon, towards the Shiite hegemony in the Islamic world, towards the Islamic hegemony in the Western world, although more slowly because it has to pay a toll for the lifting of the sanctions.

Speaking bluntly: if we are ready to such an agreement, shall we look for an agreement with ISIS as well, why not? Let’s ask them to come with good manners to Vienna and negotiate: they do not have to give up neither on sharia, nor on the war against the caliphate, but for ten years they should leave aside terrorism and beheadings; in return, we will establish an embassy in Raqqa and will allow big oil business transactions as well as the trade of archaeological finds.

The wild bearded with the turban are no less determined to impose the Islamic hegemony on the world than the Shite Iranian. They just look at it from the Sunni standpoint. We, Europeans and Americans (“Westerners” turned into a meaningless word now), never listen because we are little serious: even if we curse someone and we threaten him to death, tomorrow we will change idea and we will go for a coffee arm in arm with our enemy.

Moreover, we do not remember our history: we do not know much, we Europeans, about the wars that embattled us and the desire to devour each other that owned our countries until Germany overcame all of the previous aggressions with Nazism.

We do not remember anything but the recent, post second world war, irenic desire for peace; we bury hatred and resentment in the sand out of convenience and superficiality. Islam is not like us; Islam remembers and knows. Iran knows the Shiite history and, even before, the history of the Persian empire. Three days ago, on the eve of the agreement with the P5+1, a huge crowd chanted “death to America” and “we will destroy Israel” along with Khamenei, the supreme guide.

Such a collective scream must be understood in its most extensive form. It includes us as well, and it is serious. When the grand ayatollah Khomeini returned home in 1979 from his exile in Paris to make the revolution, he was asked what he felt to be back in Iran. He replied: “Nothing”. It was true: he was not interested in Iran, but in the great Islamic Shiite revolution that he intended to bring to the whole world, as he explained several times.

This great war would lead the Mahdi to save the world, and the end of time and the redemption will be reached, as the Shiite faithful believe. Iran just like ISIS, does not try to avoid the Mutual Assured Destruction that the Cold War handled between Russia and America, preventing us from killing each other. On the contrary, to elicit the return of the Mahdi, and Ahmadinejad with his anti-Semitic and anti-American fury repeated it even at the United Nations, we must create chaos.

Chaos should not be escaped, but implemented, and the nuclearization is the best weapon to become master of Gog and Magog: this is why Iran chose it.


This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (July 15, 2015)

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Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.
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