What Law?

Former president Barack Obama, in a private phone call, said that the Department of Justice decision to drop charges against General Michael Flynn is against the “rule of law” but failed to identify which law the Department allegedly violated.

Obama gradated Harvard Law School in 1991.

He must have studied Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Evidence.

The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure?

Surely he took an Ethics course?

And then he worked for the Chicago law firm of Sidley and Austin.

How many trials did he have? First chair? Second? A hearing? A Stipulated Motion?

Community organizing must have taught him something about the law.

It seems that Obama’s version of the “rule of law” doesn’t include statutes, rules and case law prohibiting prosecutorial misconduct, coercion, duress, fraud and denial of a defendant’s constitutionally protected rights to a fair trial.

Obama’s inflammatory charges are a self directed unmasking of the Great Orator.

His “private phone call” (a/k/a Democratic press release) is an act of desperation.

He and other Democrats know the spotlight is on them so they have sent their troops out to stir up the waters, including the publication of Op Eds written by Ivy League law school professors proclaiming “no precedent” and personal attacks on the United States Attorney General.

Evidence is being uncovered that the Obama Administration may have wrongfully used federal agencies to spy on Trump before he was inaugurated.

In the years to come, disgruntled Democrats unjustly attacked a Supreme Court nominee, created the Russian and Ukrainian hoaxes, pursued a groundless presidential impeachment.

The Democratic Speaker of the House canceled one State of the Union speech and ripped up the president’s speech at the close of the second.

Now, with the national election a mere six months away and their presumption candidate exhibiting signs of cognitive impairment,  Democrats are shifting into panic mode.

What they fail to realize is that as a result of COVID-19 millions of people have had their personal lives abruptly interrupted and maybe, just maybe, they are looking at their political icons with different eyes and, finally unsatisfied with the buzz words, the slogans, the racial divisiveness, the manipulation, are asking “What law?”

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Elaine Rosenberg Miller writes fiction and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous print publications and online sites, domestically and abroad, including JUDISCHE RUNDSCHAU, THE BANGALORE REVIEW, THE FORWARD, THE HUFFINGTON POST and THE JEWISH PRESS.
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