What Shall We Demonstrate About Today?

Thousands are demonstrating around the world (well, not quite), after more than seven hundred Arabs were killed in just forty eight hours, not in Gaza but in Syria.

And in other News … (more reasons to demonstrate)

The American and Pakistani armies continue to refuse to cease fire with the Taliban ‘freedom fighters’ / militants, resulting in many deaths! While in the meantime, more than half a million civilians have been ordered to leave their homes before ground operations started.

Also in other news
Ten dead and at least forty wounded, in weekend violence and shooting attacks in the third-largest U.S. city, the NBC affiliate in Chicago reported. Among the dead is an 11 year old girl.

Also in other news 
Two hundred Nigerian school girls are still being held captive. While hundreds of settled farming peoples have been killed in night-time raids by heavily armed gangs in the past months. Some of these attacks were so unusually brutal, in some cases including gunning down dozens of people as they fled and burning churches.

In the meantime, the United Nations accused Islamic State fighters in Iraq of executions, rape and forced recruitment of children during a campaign to seize much of northern Iraq, part of a conflict it said has killed almost 5,600 civilians this year alone.

And in case you forgot, now is the time to demonstrate publicly because


Israel has finally decided to defend itself against Hamas, after realizing that a country cannot go on while thousands of rockets are being directed at it on a daily basis.

Israel is also pleased that U.S President Barak Obama has validated its feelings by stating “There is no country on Earth that can be expected to live under a daily barrage of rockets.”

Hamas on its part has been ‘very politely’ asking woman and children to ‘offer’ to be used as human shields and as human sacrifices, after these civilians claimed that they were repeatedly receiving ‘spam’ messages from Israel telling them that their life was in danger if they did not vacate the building they were in.

As a result this tragically caused the deaths of many innocent civilians.
Hamas also seems to be apparently suffering from a sort of chronic amnesia,
somehow forgetting to keep to a single set cease fire agreement in the current conflict.
The UN in the meantime is rather displeased with the fact that its organization UNRWA were careless enough to let people find out that Hamas rockets were being stored in their building in the Gaza strip. UNRWA quickly made sure to get rid of the rockets – They gave them away … to Hamas.

Stay safe while demonstrating, (with all the ‘pro peacefulness and good intentions’ some tend to get rather violent).



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Menachem Schloss grew up in Stamford Hill, London, lives currently in Beit Shemesh, Israel. He has a private therapy practice and blogs on thought provoking ideas in psychotherapy.
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