Omri Hurwitz
Tech Marketer & Media Strategist

What We Should Know About Artificial Intelligence

Imagine for a second that you are reading an article, another article, not this one.

And that article is very well written, it is intriguing, it raises questions and counters with smart, thorough answers.

“I have to know who the writer is!” you tell yourself. You look next to the title and it is saying: Written by Jimmy an Artificial Intelligence Machine.

First, you don’t understand, but you soon remember that there is this new AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that can write full-length articles. Well, not only articles, it can write novels, and even, deeply moving poems.

How does that make you feel? Knowing that a machine, a very smart one, had you moved this way? Made you laugh, made you cry, made you so very happy. Does it matter to you?

You might say: “what do I care? As long as it helped me feel a certain way”.

Well, if you are a writer, you do care. It is your job. You get paid to write, and if it takes a machine a few seconds to outwork you, then you are in trouble.

Let me tell you this though. You might be in another profession, another kind of artist, maybe a programmer, soon, if not already, there will be an AI software that can do what you do. Just faster. Much faster. So, what will you do when that happens?

You will be the person in charge of making sure the machine works properly. Until they invent a machine for that, and you will be the one making sure the machine, that oversees the other machine, is working properly. And it keeps ongoing.

In our current landscape, some of us get very excited when we hear about the new AI invention that is going to make our world much more productive. But let’s not forget, this usually means that someone out there might need to adjust and find another thing to do in this world.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some extremely amazing AI software out there that is extremely helpful for human lives. Most of them have much more pros than cons. And the world is surely in constant evolution.

With that being said, maybe we need to find a way to measure specific pros and cons to every new AI invention. This can help us know which is more likely to make our world better for us human beings, animals, plants, and trees.

We have to gain some rational clarity and morality on this subject. Because if don’t, then there will be a machine that will make these decisions for us.

And that machine might be so smart, it decides, on its own, to make decisions based on what is better for its own sake.

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Omri Hurwitz is a Tech Marketer and Media Strategist. His client portfolio consists of some of the leading companies and start-ups in Tech. He writes for several media channels including Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Tipranks, The Times Of Israel, New York Tech,, Newsbreak, The VentureCation, Hackernoon, Benzinga, and more.
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