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(Courtesy of author)
(Courtesy of author)

Imagine your country having a much desired, and successfully implemented national program. Success – right?

However, the rest of the world does not view mass theft, rape, torture, murder and genocide as a success. The rest of the world views it as a catastrophe.

If you had this complex situation, and you were a national government, what would you do? I will present the situation, and two alternative solutions. In conclusion, I ask the reader to think what choices you would make in this same situation?


Removing Jews from society was a public good for many countries. Expulsions of Jews happened in England, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Russia and many more. Ghettoization happened all over Europe. Genocide to finally “eliminate” Jews was less common, but a more “permanent” solution. Germany practiced it. Lithuania mastered it.

In Germany, the “elimination” rate of Jews was 90%. Lithuania was far more successful, they achieved an “elimination” rate of 96.4% of their Jews. (Lithuania often says the Jews are “lost”, we hope Lithuania will be able to find their “Lost Jews” soon).

As the highest achieving genocide in the world, I will focus on Lithuania. Just 0.04% of Lithuanians are certified as rescuers by Yad Vashem, leaving 99.6% of Lithuanians as either perpetrators, bystanders, or not being able to prove their rescuer credentials, which almost every Lithuanian claims.

There were so few Survivors from Lithuania, that we have very little eyewitness testimony to depend upon. The Lithuanian Government did not punish any Holocaust perpetrators. Lithuanian perpetrators colluded to declare each other as rescuers, so they mostly all “became” rescuers, notwithstanding their supposedly rescued Jews could not be identified or found. They told their children they tried to rescue. Their children believed them. Lithuanians today almost universally claim their families tried to rescue their Jewish friends and neighbors, but were sadly not successful. (Wonderful, kind people to be sure).

We have no choice but to depend on the words of Survivors. Yosef Gar, provided one of those testimonies. Gar said:

The first Conference of Lithuanian Survivors of the Diaspora in Germany took place in Munich, on the 14th and 15th of April 1947.

At this important conference it was decided to put forth a resolution about “the guilt of the Lithuanian people in the murder of Lithuanian Jewry.”

This resolution affirmed, as follows: “The conference confirms that:

  1. All levels of Lithuanian people (academics, officials, peasants, skilled workers, workers, etc.) together with the Nazi murderers, took an active role in the murder of Lithuanian Jewry, especially in the provinces.
  2. A large portion of these Lithuanian murderers are in the American, English and French Zones in Germany and Austria where they are counted as “deportees” and enjoy “UNRRA support.”

“The conference gives latitude to the newly elected management of the Union to publicly inform about the deceptive acts of the large numbers of Lithuanians who, before and during the Nazi occupation, conducted mass-murders of their Jewish citizens.”

“We, the few remaining from the prior 160 thousand total of Lithuanian Jewry, are living witnesses to the horrible cruelties which were committed by the Lithuanians to their Jewish neighbors. Each one of us can tell numerous facts illustrating the horrible murders by the Lithuanian people toward the unprotected and helpless Jewish population during the occupation years. Despite our huge pain, we must declare that the smaller Jewish settlements in the Lithuanian provinces were exterminated exclusively by Lithuanians, and in the larger Jewish settlements, with their most active participation. As is generally known, the bestial murders of Jews in Kovno, like for example, in the various garages during the horrific Slabodka pogrom, and at the time of the huge massacre at the 7th Fort, where more than 9,000 Kovno Jews were killed during the early occupation weeks, were conducted by Lithuanians.”

“Furthermore, it is also known about the active participation of the Lithuanians in the extermination of the Jewish ghettos and camps outside the borders of Lithuania, such as Majdanek, Warsaw, and the like. The Union of Lithuanian Jews in the Diaspora in Germany considers it our Jewish and human duty to bring these facts to the awareness of the Jewish and non-Jewish public.”

Gar wrote these words before he knew the full scale of the slaughter. It was worse than he had approximated.

Solution 1 – the German path:

Germany confessed their genocide. Confession did not come easily or quickly. Germany “de-Nazified” apologized, repented and there is now reconciliation between Jews and Germany

Solution 2 – the Lithuanian path:

Lithuania swept their genocide under the German rug and disclaims ownership of their crimes. They have fraudulently rewritten themselves into a rescuer nation. They refused to punish a single Holocaust perpetrator. Today, Lithuania identifies many Holocaust perpetrators as current national heroes.

Lithuania created an entire government agency (The Genocide Center) to rewrite history into a imaginary “uprising” and declared the murderers to be rescuers. The Government, Courts and Public Prosecutor participated in the deceptions. The Government threatens and intimidates those who oppose their frauds, even to the extent of threatening criminal charges for exposure.

Choosing a path out:

Germany did not choose their path to redemption. America imposed a denazification process upon them. It worked. Germany is today a modern, trusted and successful nation. Reconciliation has been realized between Jews and Germany. It is estimated 100,000 Jews have now moved to Germany where the German government values and protects them.

Lithuania chose the path of deception. The historical basis for their state was an ethnic, linguistic template. Jews were an unwelcome ethnic minority which their national heroes wanted “eliminated”. They accomplished this elimination more successfully than any other country. Jews are now about 0.1% of the Lithuanian national population, a 99% “elimination” rate has been achieved.

The American and German governments have identified Lithuania’s Holocaust revisionism as promoting impunity for war criminals, normalizing antisemitism, racism, discrimination, and exclusion, increasing tensions between countries, and undermining public support for democratic institutions and values-based international structures.

The miniscule number of Jewish survivors of the Lithuanian Holocaust moved to Israel, USA, Canada and Australia, bringing their talents and intellect to these economies. These are now all first world, successful countries. Lithuania, now almost completely Judenrein (Jew-eliminated). Lithuania is now a backwater, dependent upon charitable handouts and “death tourism” by Jews.

Question for the reader:

History cannot be changed. There can only be a path forward. If you were Lithuania, would you begin a truth process in the hopes of a future reconciliation, or would you maintain your well-established deceptions?


This is a real-life question. Other countries look at Lithuania and recognize their successful deception program. Lithuania perpetrated a genocide and escaped culpability. They have elevated their murderers into national heroes and declared them rescuers. Lithuania is now a member of NATO and the EU.

Other genocidal regimes look at Lithuania as a model of how to perpetrate genocide and rewrite their history. It is a teaching tool for any regime which seeks to replicate Lithuania’s “successes”. The world bears responsibility if Lithuania’s lessons are replicated elsewhere.

The 2023 NATO Summit will be held in Lithuania in July. Will NATO permit this Holocaust revisionism under their auspices? NATO should require Lithuania to “de-nazify” as a requirement for continued membership. Lithuania has proven they will not do it voluntarily; it will need to be imposed upon them. It is NATO’s responsibility.

About the Author
Grant Arthur Gochin currently serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Togo. He is the Emeritus Special Envoy for Diaspora Affairs for the African Union, which represents the fifty-five African nations, and Emeritus Vice Dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the second largest Consular Corps in the world. Gochin is actively involved in Jewish affairs, focusing on historical justice. He has spent the past twenty five years documenting and restoring signs of Jewish life in Lithuania. He has served as the Chair of the Maceva Project in Lithuania, which mapped / inventoried / documented / restored over fifty abandoned and neglected Jewish cemeteries. Gochin is the author of “Malice, Murder and Manipulation”, published in 2013. His book documents his family history of oppression in Lithuania. He is presently working on a project to expose the current Holocaust revisionism within the Lithuanian government. He is Chief of the Village of Babade in Togo, an honor granted for his philanthropic work. Professionally, Gochin is a Certified Financial Planner and practices as a Wealth Advisor in California, where he lives with his family. Personal site:
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