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What You Need to Know About Hamas

A square from the terrorist organization Hamas.

How well do you know HAMAS?

HAMAS is a terrorist organization founded in 1987.

HAMAS is designated as a terrorist organization by multiple countries and international organizations, including the United States, European Union, Canada, and Israel. It has a history of engaging in acts of violence and terrorism.

The Goals of Hamas:
1. Erasing Israel from the map
2. To establish a sharia state

Hamas has massacred thousands of Israelis so far with suicide attacks, stabbings and shootings.

Hamas, which won the elections held in Gaza in 2006, entered into bloody conflicts with the Palestinian authority and Fatah and completely took over the administration as of 2007.

The Gaza Strip is under the control of the Hamas terrorist group.

in Gaza, which has been under its control since 2007, Hamas oppresses the Palestinian people, tortures minorities and dissidents.

Hamas uses the resources of the Palestinian civilian population and international aid to build a terrorist infrastructure and make weapons.

Hamas is using innocent Palestinians as human shields.

It sets up weapons depots in areas where houses, schools and hospitals are located and fires rockets at them.

Hamas brainwashes Palestinian children to become terrorists.

Hamas is the 5th in the world. It is the richest terrorist organization.

Ismail Haniyeh, a hamas leader who lives 1,800 KM away from Gaza, has a personal fortune of more than $ 4 Billion, which he has chosen to use for terrorism and his own luxurious life

Source: Forbes, January 2022


Hamas openly says that it wants to “destroy” Israel and all Jews in the World.


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