When Darkness Comes to Light

When Trump bitched about Hillary’s “Pay to Play” schemes, he wasn’t outraged so much as deeply jealous. As a self-pronounced Greed-aholic, Trump has always been willing to do whatever it takes to get money – including money laundering, traitorous actions, and as I allege, human sex trafficking with the Russians.

I’m an AT&T customer. I spoke with the Office of the President to pass on a message to CEO Randall Stephenson — if you want to pay someone boatloads of money to gain insight into Trump, give me a call. It’s okay, I’ll give it away for free, you’re welcome.

Trump has spent nearly 40 years hanging out with Eurotrash — wealthy trust-fund, drug-addicted wastrels from abroad. He’s addicted to uppers. He gropes and assaults women, including teenage girls. He is a racist and an anti-Semite and xenophobe. Obviously, he is a homophobe, hence his choice of Pence. Though, like most homophobes, he has probably secretly had sex with men — although who could stand him, regardless of gender?

No question he would choose money and the power to abuse any and every single time over his family.

It is a living minute to minute nightmare to suffer his Presidency. He – and the people that support him – illuminate just how dark America and this world really are.

The racism alone in this country is enough to choke on. The massive abuse of women and children is ignored, like an elephant who has taken a stinky dump in our living rooms – we insist that merely opening the window will suffice as remedy.

Most of us search for light and hope. But until we take personal responsibility in acknowledging and facing down the darkness, we won’t truly find it. Silence renders us all complicit.

About the Author
Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in New York.
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