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Whatever happened to Jewish Values?

How is it that we seem to have lost our soul, as a people, by denigrating ethics and morals and replacing them with ever more strict religious practice.

To be fair….it’s really a minority of our fellow Jews who do that…but right now they are holding sway in Israel and because of their unified and loud presence it often seems, to the outside world, that they represent us all.

Sordid and Sad

What makes it all so sordid and sad is that secular politics have played a big role in this schism and whether it’s perceived support for Israel or open checkbooks and lax or no oversight of unlawful/bad behavior it’s confusing to see so many seemingly observant people supporting immoral; unethical; often criminal people.

Torah Achat… One Law For All

As the situation deteriorates, even more, it’s easy to quote the Prophets….Gd doesn’t care for your sacrifices…..only your just and good behavior…..doesn’t leave a dent. We are told, multiple times, in the Torah, that there was only one law allowed for all…the stranger…you….anyone….so much for that admonition. And of course, there are any number of laws and lessons that seem to be completely antithetical to the behavior of so many both in the US and in Israel…particularly as it relates to ethics and morality.

So again I ask…..Whatever happened to Jewish Values? Are they not real? At the core of our religion? At the inspirational core of so much in the Western World?

Torah…The Service of Gd…Deeds of Kindness

Simon The Righteous, one of the last surviving members of The Great Assembly would say, as related to us by Ethics of The Fathers (Chapter One…Paragraph 2):

“The world stands on three things; Torah….the service of Gd and deeds of Kindness.” Call them our core Jewish values.

Clearly it is easy to pervert all three pillars with a narrow reading that is rooted in and nurtured by observance only. And, many do.

Yet, a simple…clear headed reading of Simon, points directly towards a bigger understanding of his words…a more encompassing interpretation and a deep and powerful connection to Jewish values…ethics and morals.

Three pillars holding up our human existence:

  • Torah — GDs revelation to mankind. The source for three major religions. The center of humane law. The Ten Commandments. The chronicler of stories about people…unvarnished…even the heroes. Concerned with the stranger….the non-citizen….and others outside the close in Jewish circle…with the constant reminder and admonition that once you were slaves in Egypt.
  • Gd – keep it simple…all of humankind was created, according to the text (see above) in the image of Gd. None more important. No color better. No language more accepted. No politics superior.
  • Deeds of kindness – one of my favorites. True ability to create a differentiation based on values. One leading Orthodox Rabbi I know, has said that the single most important measure of conversion to the Jewish faith is assumption of good deeds.

Bottom line…if you haven’t felt it yet. More important than politics and our perceived benefits from one politician or another…is the application of the filter of Jewish Values.

You must disassociate

We cannot support politicians in Israel or abroad who don’t adhere strictly to Jewish Values and all that entails. Whatever party you align yourself with… you must disassociate yourself from the criminals….psychopaths…unethical…immoral players no matter how good you think they will be to and for the Jews….. because they aren’t.

They taint us with their lack of Jewish Values….their inability to understand the simple truths of Simon the Righteous….and behavior that manifests itself in hate and violence.

Justice, Justice shalt thou pursue.

Not very complicated when viewed through the Jewish Values lens.

The world is in crisis. Time to step up……


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