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Where is your moral call for humanity, Greta?

A letter to Greta

The power of the individual should never be underestimated. Indeed, Judaism and the Bible have two major characters. Abraham and Moses. Abraham, who was the forefather of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He sought to change the world. Moses brought about the laws to make a better society. Care for the other.

The bottom line is that be a Jew, an Israeli is to seek to make a difference, to change lives for the better, to heal the scars of our fractured world. We are not meant to ride the tide alone, but to be a tide that raises all boats.

In the world of climate change, we have one little voice that made a change and that is you, Greta, Greta Thunberg.

Greta, maybe you have been misinformed and I strongly urge you to look at the facts. You are a symbol of hope, a symbol for the next generation and your actions carry a lot of impact. So, I’m hoping by sharing this with you, and your followers and the people around you can have a more balanced point of view. Yes, we Israelis desire peace very much and we desire peace and prosperity for the Palestinian people as well. And unfortunately, the Palestinians are suffering from poor choices, bad leadership, not moving forward from past events and so forth. But that’s not the point now. The point now is to understand that this is a war, a moral war, a war of terror. And now is not the time to shout for a free Palestine.

Greta, you have proved the power of the individual in your calling on Climate Change, and now you call for Free Palestine. By doing so, twinning climate change and free Palestine — The two world causes that occupy the minds of the free world. Both are both obsessions. By doing so, you have shot Climate Change in the foot. To make the world a better place, there needs to be moral and ethical clarity. This is now a fight for humanity.

I hope what I am sharing with you makes you reconsider. So, please read these words carefully.

These words from Avi Blau on LinkedIn hit home about the stupidity of your comments.

“Greta Thunberg, whom my dog is named after and who i deemed as the most honest voice on the planet now calls for free Palestine. Not to free the 200 hostages held by Hamas-ISIS, not to remove Hamas-ISIS from power (for the sake of the Palestinians), not to demand a cessation of the 20 year long rocket launches on civilian population in Israel, rather demanding that Israel free Palestine.

Israel is not in Gaza since 2005 you moron, everything that happened there is because Hamas took the entire population hostage.

These days many things are breaking apart in my worldview”

Where is your moral call, Greta?”

Greta, If you now really want Climate Change, then here are a few things to consider:

Climate change is part of the Sustainability story. Here is a definition of Sustainability to consider.

Sustainability, in its essence, means leaving a better world for future generations. This includes ESG — Environment, Society, and Governance (Ethics /Morals).

Your stand with free Palestine and support those who wish to destroy. Destroy freedom. Destroy democracy. Create War and Terror, and who have zero impact action on Climate Change.

I too seek a free Israel and Palestine — Here is my story as a Jew and Israeli

In fact, this war by Hamas is also a war on climate change. (and Humanity).

The week of October 16 was to be Climate Change and Agriculture Week in Israel — See my blog here promoting this. These events were cancelled as a result of the actions seeking “free Palestine”.

Impactful Climate Change Technology: PLANETech World 2023

Climate Change took a big step backwards!!

As somebody, who is promoting a better world Climate Change I had intentions of promoting my first book — “Upgrading ESG — How Businesses Can Thrive in the Age of Sustainability” which was published just as Hamas launched these massacres, a hate fest of terror and evil.

However, my country Israel was attacked. I never thought I would see such Evil. As a Jew, Israeli living in Jerusalem, the historic and eternal Jewish capital, I seek a better and fairer world. And this is my intention in my platform Upgrading ESG.

Greta, I encourage you to read my book and share this with your public. It makes the case that “Creating profitable businesses and building a better world are not conflicting goals”, and by bringing fresh ideas and innovation, we can do both — create more profit opportunities and make an impact towards a more sustainable world.

Furthermore, I highlight that a Good Society holds one of the keys to a better and fairer world. Without a Good Society, we can not make a global change, we will not progress,

The age of sustainability represents a massive opportunity for governments, companies and people -Empowering People. Healing the Planet.

Link to buy the book

However, we are in the midst of war and the immediate priority is to bring the 200 Hostages home and alive. This should be the calling, your calling. This should be a global call.


I am sure you are familiar with the Diary of Anne Frank. A young Jewish girl who sought to survive and dreamt of changing the world. Anne represents the human face of tragedy in the Holocaust.

And here I want to share the Human face of this hostage crisis.

I am sharing this — SPECIAL EDITION NEWSLETTER — A note from the Pears Program for Global Innovation Team.

“To our dear community,

We write to you from Israel, during one of the most challenging times our nation has ever experienced. Like many of you, we have spent the past week and a half processing and reflecting on the horrors that occurred on October 7, and those which continue to unfold each day. To our international partners, we write to share a bit of what we have experienced in the past 12 days. To our Israeli community, we stand united and in solidarity during these very difficult times. Our hearts are with all the victims and their families, and the communities who are suffering because of Hamas’s atrocious attacks on innocent civilians.

On Saturday October 7, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel from land, sea, and air, massacred over 1,400 civilians, wounded over 3000 people, and took hostage an estimated 200 people who remain, presumably, in captivity today in Gaza. We are absolutely heartbroken and shaken by the unprecedented loss of lives around us and concerned for the safety of our friends, family members, and colleagues. The humanitarian crisis and loss of innocent lives in Gaza also weighs on our minds at this time. The impact of this tragedy will be with us for a lifetime.

This is a national tragedy for Israel, but it is also a personal one for the Pears Program staff and for our community. Many members of our community have been directly affected in the most horrific of ways. One of them is Dr. Shoshan Haran, an internationally renowned agriculture expert and the Founder and Director of Fair Planet, an NGO that works with smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and Tanzania. She, along with 8 members of her family, ranging from ages 3 to 65, has been taken hostage by Hamas somewhere in Gaza.

Another colleague, Vivian Silver, one of the founders of AJEEC NISPED — an Arab-Jewish NGO supporting Bedouin social and economic development and a leader of the Women Wage Peace movement, has presumably been kidnapped as well (although with no acknowledgement from Hamas of who they have kidnapped or of who remains alive, it is hard to be sure).

Another of our community members Elana Kaminka, the former longtime deputy director of Tevel B’Tzedek, an organization that supports rural livelihoods Nepal and Zambia, is mourning her 20-year-old son Yanai who was murdered on Saturday.

And these are only the stories we know at this moment. Every day we are learning of other community members who have lost relatives, friends, and colleagues or who know people in captivity. We worry about them and mourn together with them

Given the situation in the country, and the significant mobilization of people supporting those impacted directly and indirectly as well as the war effort itself, our day-to-day work was pushed aside by the pressing reality. With that being said, we encourage our community members — alumni, startups, and partners within Israel and abroad — to reach out to us and share any challenges you are facing. We look forward to being together as a community in better times.”

A final word

The ethics and morals of leaders are of essential importance.

So, Greta, your words are having quite a reaction. I hope you are better informed; I hope you will reconsider and choose the right path to a more just world.

I also invite you and your followers to join the fight for a Good Society, humanity and climate change on my substack Channel

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