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Who wants to help found a new kibbutz?

The time has come to start building new kibbutzim in the Negev and Arava. There are many potential olim and Israelis who would like to live on a kibbutz – but there is no place for us. I have come to the conclusion that if I am to fulfill my dream of living on a kibbutz, then I and like-minded people must establish a new one. This blog is an appeal to people who want to establish a new kibbutz, or want to invest in such a venture. The future kibbutz, Kibbutz Hadesh (חַדֵּשׁ)? will hopefully be the first of many.

Finally a kibbutz which accepts olim and older people

New olim and active older people, who have almost no chance of joining established kibbutzim, will play a major role in the creation of Kibbutz Hadesh. Youth groups and garinim will also play a significant role and we will appeal to the kibbutz movement to help us with the endeavor.

Kibbutz Hadesh will be carbon neutral and will serve as a center for innovative agricultural technologies and food startups. It will in particular attract firms which are developing desert technologies.

Community with a traditional kibbutz atmosphere and social network

The kibbutz will have a traditional social network with a dining hall, laundry, health clinic, clubhouse and library. Kibbutz Hadesh’s social system and atmosphere will be similar to those of non-privatized kibbutzim. The community’s financial structure and membership fees will be determined by its members when the time comes.

When there are a sufficient number of candidates and investors, an appeal will be made to the State of Israel and the Jewish National Fund to provide land for the new community in the Arava or Negev. Those interested in founding a new kibbutz, or in investing in this venture can write to: 

Your ideas are welcome.

About the Author
Asaf Shimoni is an author, journalist and translator who returned to Israel on October 1, 2023 after spending more rhan 40 years abroad, most of them in the Netherlands. He is currently milking cows on a kibbutz after living for five months in Haifa. He grew up near Boston, made aliyah while living on a kibbutz (from 1973 to 1976), and graduated from Syracuse University in 1978. He also lived some 5 years in Sicily. He believes that the media should be as critical and truthful as possible.
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