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Why are Trump’s people such poor liars?

Above are Giuliani and colleagues’ falsehoods in less than 4 minutes. They can’t do any better.

Listen to this: “Dead people voted. Votes are cast in the name of Mickey Mouse. This actually all happened.”

Then, shortly after that, he says: “I can’t show you the concrete proofs because we are afraid that these people will get harassed.”

Harassment of dead people and Mickey Mouse?

Giuliani actually holds up three fingers but claims it’s two, must see:


Even Fox refused to air this.

Or shorter:


Lindsey Graham allegedly asked fellow Republican Governors to toss out thousands of legal votes. And then denied it, which no one believes.


On November 17, at a meeting of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers in Detroit, Chair Monica Palmer (R) and member William Hartmann (R) initially refused to certify election results against their two Democratic colleagues. They opened up the floor to the public to weigh in. They spoke (yelled) about integrity, hard work, Republican obstruction and against racism. They spoke so well, from the heart, that after that, the Board unanimously approving the tallied election results. Take a listen:

Yet, it ain’t over ’till it’s over: After being shamed into giving up the lie, they got a phone call from Trump and now try to recant their certification.


All the president’s men and women could not stand in the shadow of the Liar in Chief. Trump is such a good liar. 72M people voted for him after he lied in public almost 20,000 times while in office. (This doesn’t mean that they all fell for his lies. Many were just happy with the extra money they got, or the extra racism. But many seem to believe his pack of hoaxes.)

This failure we see in many autocratic rulers. They can pull it off but they are so full of themselves that they forget to train successors. As soon as the despot is gone, the problem is solved. Besides clearing the rubble.


A University Department of Dishonesty

For greater efficiency and a lack of transparency, universities around the globe should create a Department of Lies. Faculties should include: Law, Political Science, Economics, Statistics, Psychiatry, Astrology, Quackery (closer to Astrology than to Medicine), Ads & Sales, and more.

If you studied any of the above, you surely will agree about all the others.

Wouldn’t it be elegant when students can pick their majors and minors within the Department? Its students will hang out together and marry each other. (It’s much better when spouses know trust does not apply.)

Honest people, crazy enough to study any of the above, get an opportunity to check out and study dishonest people (and change their field of study).

Maybe Stand-up and Magic should be included too. Everyone knows that these specialists aim to deceive, but those clowns generally good at hidden trickery and falsehood could easily be talented in this entertainment too.

And maybe a special Faculty of Faking should be created. First of all, for Grown-ups to learn pretending to their kids they know what they’re doing and a have perfect judgment on good and bad. White, Male, Straight, Rich & Affluent, Normal, Gentile, Healthy, and others displaying superiority but trying to hide their ugly disdain. Or, call it the Faculty of Pretence.

A new Faculty of Distraction should be contemplated too. People who sell or work in areas to distract or numb people, from Entertainment to Drugs.

When hiring people, it also easier to understand the candidate if s/he has one or two minors in Dishonesty. Like a journalist who minored in Law, or a pharmacist who minored in Sales.

There will be a cap on people of Dutch descent. They must pass tests to get in because of Dutch culture’s high priority for honesty and integrity.

On the other hand, people convicted of theft will get extra credit points.

I predict that it will be the most popular University Department, with the biggest budget and the biggest deficit. (Where did all the money go?)

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