Why Erdogan wants to get rid of the prince

Far from the circumstances surrounding the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in which direction did Erdogan invest the murder of the journalist?

Since the beginning of the crisis, the statements of Turkish officials have been consistent in pointing fingers at the prince and not less. That’s Erdogan’s main goal, some thought that Turkey would go to exploit this issue for its economic interests through the bargaining with Saudi Arabia, especially after the economic crisis that Turkey faces.

But what happened further was pressure through the media campaigns led by Erdogan to distort the image of the prince himself, not the kingdom or the king.

This Turkish position comes from Erdogan’s perception of Turkey’s future and status in the Middle East. He sees himself as strong and attractive along with his party’s Islamic background only by supporting politicized Islam in the Sunni world and strengthening the image of the Muslim Brotherhood to strengthen Turkey’s regional and international influence, But as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood failed to govern Egypt in 2013 by seizing power through the military institution, the Middle East began to split into two camps, One is led by Saudi Arabia with the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The second is Qatar and Turkey, extending the conflict between the two camps on several fronts in Libya, the Horn of Africa and Egypt.

Erdogan’s golden opportunity came through the murder of the journalist, and his investment internally and externally in an attempt to convince the West and the East that Mohammed bin Salman is not fit to be Crown Prince and should be eliminated as he stands at the way of Turkey’s desire to support political Islam, That he would rule for a long time if he became king of Saudi Arabia. The fact that the prince poses a threat to the Muslim Brotherhood. Erdogan’s hoping that a less assertive Prince would be less hostile towards political Islam.

Damaging the image of Prince Mohammed bin Salman is also damaging the images of his allies, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and General Sisi, This trio that Turkey and Qatar wish to destroy and expand their influence in the east. Turkey has succeeded in convincing public opinion that the prince is behind the murder of the journalist, If Turkey cannot get rid of the prince, the next stage is to weaken the prince’s position to the fullest extent , But in politics interests prevail over emotions ,France stands with Saudi Arabia in this case and has refused to impose military sanctions on the kingdom as well as Britain and German Chancellor Angela Merkel ,while the United States its goal is greater than a personal issue, through John Bolton the US National Security Advisor’s statement that the prince had nothing to do with the journalist’s murder, It seeks to unify the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) again in order to confront Iran and ending the Yemen crisis, which has not ended four years after the Saudi Arabia intervention, the purpose of getting rid of the Prince is weaker currently, Despite Saudi Arabia’s failure to manage the crisis at the beginning, In the end, however, it was able to bring states to its side by convincing them that their interest is with Riyadh not with Turkish side in the case of a journalist’s murder.

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