Why India should remain Israel’s closest ally

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Israel is a growing force as a county today. With tech and innovations in other areas today Israel is breaking barriers of being a small country advancing in all the sectors alike. The Indian relations with Israel have been growing recently. With the Prime Ministers of the two countries meeting to discuss economies and other ways they can collaborate together to walk towards development. This alliance is one that should be preserved and kept going as the long term advantages of this for both countries are huge.

With the fleeting population in India, our youth can find a profitable alliance with the Israeli business market. Israel is on the rise with tech advancements. They are providing the world with some of the best hardware and products which are imported each here. With our growing alliance, the Israeli administration has pumped up the export numbers to India. The support that Israel has extended in terms of the export or technical innovations is sure going to be a catalyst for growth in various sectors. The economic benefits of such a relationship are sure to be seen in the coming years.

The following strengths of Israel are probably reasons why it is a good idea to remain Israel’s closest allies:

The business and entrepreneurial sectors in Israel have a widespread opportunity. We can have much such collaboration in the future to gain a platform for harboring good startups. A successful business model can be developed and implemented in such an inductive environment. The s

tartup models and strategies can be great to adapt and work on in such a well set up business environment. The Modern Era has been blessed a beautiful technological feature where calendars’ can be printed directly online. Printable Calendar is a feature from the modern era where you can schedule your work without subtle delays. Such technologies are transforming the world as we speak. 

There is massive military support that Israel can be counted upon for, with the outstanding weapons industry. India has been importing these weapons and arms for a long time. The two nations also plan on working together in taking military tech to new heights by developing drone based weapons that can be an excellent ground for air defense.

The agro-industry is another sector that is pretty technologically advanced in Israel. India being a nation where agriculture accounts for a majority of employment for the population, agricultural growth can be a great stepping stone to a growing economy. The Israeli innovations include agro strategies along with water management and irrigation strategies. These can be extremely beneficial to harness with several areas of the water crisis in the nation. Implementing strategies to save water and employ it effectively is a major issue we can tackle with the help of Israeli innovations. This is also a venture which will bear its long term benefits.

These are a few major areas of innovation that Israel is continuously progressing in. The political aid of Israel is also something that could become a great boon in strengthing our international stance in the global scenario. With two countries that are growing with vigor on each other’s side, the security and stability of the countries can be ensured. The world is also blessed with a beautiful Printable Template. It offers you to print letters online. Such technologies has driven the world ahead with awe-inspiring outputs. Both India, Israel and numerous other countries can benefit from this.  

Thus, it is advisable to let the relationship with Israel grow as they are likely to hold major strength in different sectors in the years to come. We can not only greatly benefit from their support and ideas in different sectors but also be of mutual assistance to their innovations. Our young minds can be a force of growth for them as well as a platform for our folks to explore and gain exposure in the best projects that are undertaken by Israel. Our growing ties can be an instrument for growth and progress in the long term.

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Nikhil Chandwani is an author of 13 Books, TED(x) Speaker, and Founder- Writers' Rescue Centre. He was recently awarded the Rashtriya Gaurav Award in 2019 (The Indian National Award) for excellence in social entrepreneurship. His firm, Writers' Rescue Centre has given voice to over 211 individuals in India through a Gurukul System. Nikhil is also a Visiting Professor with leading Indian Universities.
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