Why Israeli Zionist Voters Must Vote on March 17, 2015

Israeli Zionists who have voting rights had better remember why they live here, and what is their minimal obligation to the State of Israel. Israelis who call themselves Zionists do so because being a Zionist means that: a) They believe in the Right of Self Determination the Jewish People to Rule their own National State in the Land of their Forefathers – the Land of Zion, known as the Modern State of Israel. b) Israeli Zionists believe in the Democratic Political Institution of the Israeli Government – the Knesset. c) Israeli Zionists believe in Israel’s Right not only of Political but also Military Self Determination and Self Defence (including the need for Pre-emptive Strikes when it is clear that Israel’s citizens are being threatened) and therefore are willing conscripts in the Israel Defence Forces. They must all vote on Israeli Voting Day on March 17, 2015.

Everyone in a Free World has the right to be cynical, to think the following; “I am not voting this time. I don’t believe in any of the politicians, they don’t live up to their promises etc…”.  Note that I said they have the right to “think” this way, but I am not being so liberal as to say they have the right not to vote because of this. No Political Correctness here, but Correctness to the Modern Israeli Zionist State of Israel and the Jewish People – and, also to all Decent People in the World Who Recognize Israel is a Beacon of Light in this Upside Down World where Political Correctness (AKA:The Art of Burying One’s Head in the Sand) rules and is leading the Free World down a path of Self Destruction.

Beit Shemesh Elections 2014 : Learn from Past Mistakes:

Beit Shemesh Elections in 2014 is a microcosm of what can happen in Israel (and also in a a World) where people do not exercise their Civic Duty to get up and Vote for In What they Believe. This example will also show how those Opposed to Freedom (and in this case Zionism) are very politically astute and will use the very State that they Oppose and its Political Mechanisms to work on destroying the freedom this State offers. In 2014, the City of Beit Shemesh had deeply divisive elections. The Zionist Bloc tried to get Eli Cohen to become the “Mayor for All”. Eli Cohen originally ran as an independent candidate. His main rival was Moshe Abutbol, the Charedi (ultra orthodox) Mayoral candidate.  Eli Cohen expressed his wish to “keep Beit Shemesh Zionist” while at the same time, providing much needed services to the (ever growing) Charedi population. The elections were a very tight match with the Charedi candidate winning by a very small percentage. When it came to light that in fact there had  been electoral cheating by supporters of the Charedi mayor, the Supreme Court issued a directive that the elections be redone.

The Elections were redone. In a nutshell, ultimately, statistics showed that many of the Zionist Bloc did not vote, due to complacency and cynicism  that “nothing will ever change for us” or “the city is already lost to the Charedim. They already won”. The Charedi sector on the other hand, not only came out in droves to vote but the Extremist Virulently Anti Zionist Charedim (not to be confused with others who – while not “Zionist” do not support enemies of the State as have the Extremist Factions) actually reneged on a Religious Vow which they took (I personally heard about this, as an observer in a very Charedi voting station – I luckily understand Yiddish!). It is called “Hatarat Nedarim” or Annulment of Vows Never to Vote in the Zionist (Israeli) Elections. They reacted to (I believed ridiculous) elections PR signs daring; “we will beat the Extremists”. So the extremists took the dare, annulled their religious vows not to vote, and voted for the Charedi mayor. Again, the Charedi population “won” the right to run the city that was founded by Zionists (i.e; people who regularly vote, serve in the army, pay taxes etc….).

Both the Charedi (ultraorthodox) and Arab parties(which are all non Zionist), are uniting in their respective blocs for the upcoming elections not due to their “love of one and other” but rather due to their commonality: they are Anti Zionist.

Zionist Voters Should learn from Beit Shemesh. Don’t Bury Your Heads in the Sand if you Love the Zionist Ideology you purport to believe in. Vote and Vote Strongly for your Zionist Party.

About the Author
Barbara Solomon Brown is a Geriatric Social Worker,a Child of Holocaust Survivors, and is a Canadian who made Aliyah with her husband and family in 1996. She lives in her beloved Beit Shemesh. She continues to be a Social and Political Activist on things related to Israel and the Jewish People. She runs Aliyah121 specializing in the Elderly & Aliyah. Motto: Acts of Kindness Build the World.
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