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Why the Israeli economy needs our support

Credit Daniel Lerman - Tel Aviv Skyline
Credit Daniel Lerman - Tel Aviv Skyline

Supporting Israel in her time of Need. The next installment in the Investing in Israel series.

Although traveling to Israel at least 6 times since re-establishing my faith, I never had the chance to actually live and volunteer their. I had plans to volunteer in Bethlehem in 2020, but mandatory vaccine passports to enter the country.  So I write

In the shadow of the current conflict, Israel’s economy faces significant challenges, marking a pivotal moment where international support could play a crucial role in stabilizing and steering the country towards recovery.  The ongoing tensions not only disrupt daily life but also have far-reaching impacts on the nation’s economic stability, growth prospects, and internally renown innovation ecosystem. This article explores the multifaceted reasons why Israel’s economy needs our help during these turbulent times, following on from my first article in the Invest In Israel Series 2024, Why Israeli Businesses Need our Support drawing insights from recent developments and macro and micro indicators.

Economic Resilience Amidst Adversity

Israel’s economy is known for its resilience, innovation, and rapid growth, particularly in the high-tech sector. However, in the last quarter of 2023, Israel’s economy experienced a significant contraction, with official figures indicating an annualized decrease of nearly 20 per cent, primarily due to extensive resource allocation to the conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The decline in the gross domestic product was much sharper than what had been predicted by analysts, marking the most severe contraction since the pandemic began. The war’s outbreak led to a marked reduction in private consumption and investment, alongside a surge in government expenditure, propelled by extensive reservist mobilizations and substantial population displacements.

The country of less than 10 million, is owned its status from ” Start up Nation” to “Scale up Nation” owing to its disproportionately high concentration of start-ups and technological innovation. However, the current conflict threatens to undermine this hard-earned reputation. Conflicts not only divert resources towards defence spending but also create an environment of uncertainty, deterring investment, and slowing economic activity. The immediate need for international support is needed far beyond the thousands of Jewish and Evangelical Christians volunteers flooding into Israel to serve in any way they can.

Credit Ramon Salinero

Impact on Foreign Investment

Foreign investment plays a critical role in fuelling Israel’s economic engine, especially in the tech sector. The current conflict risks dampening the enthusiasm of international investors, wary of the instability and potential risks. A decrease in foreign investment could slow down the innovation cycle, lead to a shortage of funding for startups, and ultimately, impede economic growth. International support and reassurance could help mitigate these risks, encouraging continued investment and fostering an environment conducive to growth and innovation.

Tourism and Economic Vulnerability

Tourism is a significant contributor to Israel’s economy, offering a source of revenue and employment for many. Unfortunately, conflicts often lead to a sharp decline in tourism, affecting not only the national economy but also the livelihoods of thousands of citizens. Supporting Israel’s economy during the current conflict could involve initiatives aimed at revitalizing the tourism sector once stability is restored, through marketing campaigns, international partnerships, and investment in tourism infrastructure.

Humanitarian Concerns and Economic Stability

The humanitarian impact of conflicts cannot be overstated, with countless lives disrupted by violence and displacement. Beyond the immediate human toll, these conditions also pose long-term economic challenges, including increased public spending on social services and healthcare, reduced workforce productivity, and the destruction of infrastructure. International aid and support in addressing these humanitarian concerns are crucial, not only as a moral imperative but also for laying the groundwork for economic recovery.

The Role of International Solidarity

Solidarity and support from the international community can take many forms, from economic aid and investment to diplomatic efforts aimed at achieving a peaceful resolution. Encouraging trade, investing in Israeli companies, and supporting joint ventures can help stimulate the economy. Additionally, international organizations and countries can play a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue and negotiations, contributing to a stable environment that benefits both Israel and its economy.

Courtesy – Delanoix – Unsplash

Fundraising by Israeli venture capital firms nosedived 73 percent in 2023, a gloomy sign for cash-strapped startups that have been grappling with dwindling financial runways in a year of political unrest and war.

The $1.52 billion raised last year by 21 Israeli VC funds is the lowest since 2015 and represents a 73% plunge from the $5.9 billion raised in 2022 by 62 VC funds, a peak year for fundraising, according to the annual IVC-Gornitzky-KPMG Israel investor report conducted with the Israel Innovation Authority.

The current conflict in Israel poses a significant threat to its economy, affecting sectors from high-tech innovation to tourism. The resilience of Israel’s economy is being tested, and international support is crucial in navigating these challenging times. Through investment, diplomatic efforts, and humanitarian aid, the global community can contribute to stabilizing the economy, supporting innovation, and, ultimately, fostering a peaceful resolution. The solidarity of the international community is not just beneficial for Israel but serves as a cornerstone for regional stability and global economic health.

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