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Why’s the NY Times’ anti-Semitic cartoon so nasty and a simple sorry not enough?

Dog bites man is not news. Man bites dog is news. And Jewish (Israeli PM) dog leads American blind president is antisemitic. But why exactly? Jewish indignation is everywhere but explanation is scarce. Is it so obvious why this speaks of Jews’ hatred that clarification is unnecessary? I think it’s good to spell out why this is vicious hatred of Jews.

Not because dogs are so offensive, as one Muslim Clerk friendly to Jews suggested. In Islam, dogs are like what pigs are to Jews.

Not because Gentiles shouldn’t make fun of Jews in principle. Though, just like men making fun of women, big chance that it will be hateful.

Not because Trump is depicted as a blind Jew. He’s certainly morally blind in many respects and he’s definitely the most pro-Israel US President ever.

Rather, this is oppressive of the Jewish People because Netanyahu as the US president’s guide dog is saying that Jews run the world and the greatest country on earth (that’s how many USers in a failed attempt at national pride “humbly” speak about the US, not hindered by too much knowledge about other countries) must powerlessly follow their directives. (This exactly is what motivated the US synagogue shooter of the same day.) That’s a major classical antisemitic myth. (There are many other ways to explain this incident.)

This wouldn’t be so painful if it had a grain of truth in it. Sadly, the situation of Jews is exactly the opposite. They are betrayed by the working class and poor, held hostage by the truly rich and wealthy. They bear the brunt of UN abuse. Even over 100 years after modern Zionism started and reached out to Muslims to have a Jewish bi-national State, Israelis still don’t live in security and in peace.

The second reason why this cartoon is so painful and a simple apology won’t suffice is that reportedly the NY Times regularly write things that are based on the blood libel that Jews are running and ruining the world.

Then this wasn’t a small oversight. Too much of the NY Times’ reporting on Israel seems rooted in this blood libel that Jews are powerful (and evil) and the rest needs to suffer their abuse.

But it’s the reasonable decent intellectual antisemitism that — shows the cartoon — is just rooted in vile primitive irrational hatred for Jews.

If Jews really were such monsters, hatred against them would be in order. The point is that Jews are not. That Jews are not less or less moral than other Nations but often are full of ideals and principles that would help anyone. That hatred for Jews is activated to neutralize the idealistic messages of Judaism. Because, if Jews are bad people, one doesn’t need to listen to their ethics, does one?

NB: There is no antisemitism without fake news.

BTW: The second deadly synagogue shooting in the US in half a year is not a “blow to the heart of the Jewish people.” Rather, it’s a blemish to the soul of non-Jews; much like the Holocaust was the slaughter of European moral supremacy.

Talking of Jews’ hatred, why did anyone wonder if a hate crime can be proven in case of any synagogue shooting? Doesn’t sound exactly like a crime of passion to me. How could this not be a hate crime?

Coming Wednesday night-Thursday night is Holocaust Memorial Day.

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