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Wisdom, Technology and Business Convene at the Wisdom @Work Conference / February 4.

Tech has a lot more in common with spiritual matters than most people realize
Marketing seminar (Pixabay)
Marketing seminar (Pixabay)

My mother used to say, “…with age comes wisdom….”

With my parents gone, and with grown children of my own, I try to share some sense of wisdom to my children, and also to a younger generation of entrepreneurs I get to help and mentor here in Israel.

But wisdom and what is called “mindfulness,” is not just a place for the family.

unnamedIt’s very much part of business.

You see, business, no longer just business anymore.

Particularly in the startup world, doing business is partially about doing business, and very much a part of our lifestyle.

We no longer just go to work from 9AM to 5 PM and come home.

Work is a fluid and often times not work, in the literal sense, but also a lifestyle that can creep into our personal lives.

I am not here to preach anything here.

I am only here to say that as work becomes more than just work, we need to simply be aware – or mindful – of what’s going on here.

On February 4, Yaakov Lehman, CEO of Wisdom Tribe is producing a pretty cool conference know as Wisdom 2.0 here in Israel.

It’s main event in San Francisco draws CEOs and founders from LinkedIN, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Ford, Target, and General Mills together with mindfulness teachers and neuroscience researchers from across the world to discuss how to “Preserve Quality of Life in the Digital Age.”  After successful international events in Dublin and Singapore, Yaakov is international Wisdom 2.0 here in Israel.

This inaugural event will feature innovators and thought leaders from Israel and abroad representing a range of disciplines including Technology, Business, Science and Wellness.

You may register here.

Featured Speakers will include:

  • Fred Kofman, VP at Linkedin. San Francisco.
  • Bill Duane, Superintendent of Well Being and Sustainable Performance Learning at Google.  San Francisco, CA
  • Michal Oshman, Learning and Development at Facebook. London

….and other speakers from Israel and around the world.

Lots of cool things to do

The conference will consist of several plenary sessions and breakouts. The four breakout tracks are science, technology, business, and wellness so you can select from what you want to focus on, and contribute to.

There will also be various interactive components throughout the day including yoga, qi gong, meditation, art, and calligraphy.

And of course, lunch will be provided for all.

I would like to encourage you to attend.

I will also be part of the conference, because I want to invest a day in me. I want to become more aware, more mindful, and grow from it.

It’s not going to be your standard conference or networking event.

It will be a place to meet your peers, raise your state of consciousness and just be a bit more aware – and ever so much more mindful.


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Alan Weinkrantz is a Tech PR / Startup Communications advisor to Israeli and U.S. companies, and is the Brand Ambassador and Senior Advisor for James Brehm & Associates, one of the leading IoT (Internet of Things) strategy and consulting firms.
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