With Truth Teller Nikki Haley Gone-UN Bullies Continue Demonizing Israel

By Abraham Cooper and Yitzchok Adlerstein*

Will Nikki Haley be missed at the United Nations?

After all, gone will be a powerful woman who had the guts to speak the truth.

The short answer is no. It will be back to  business-as-usual hear no evil, see no evil. No one will chide China for sending hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs to “re-education camps.” Syria’s Assad will escape Security Council condemnation for the millions of displaced Syrians or the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own citizens, some through poison gas.  There will be no relief for the children of Yemen, over 5000 of whom have died in the war against Iran-backed Houthis. You won’t hear any condemnation of Iran at the Human Rights Council for executing gays and Christian believers.

Only one nation can expect unending condemnation:  Israel. Nikki Haley, tried and failed at the Security Council and General Assembly to get her colleagues to actually call out Hamas for what it is: A terrorist regime.

With every indication that there could be another war with Israel at any time, you can be sure that dapper diplomats already have their speeches and resolutions fully ready in Word docs.  “Israel  has turned Gaza into an open-air prison; Israel targets innocent children; Israel engages in collective punishment. Etc.

With the exception of the US and Israel, the UN vow of silence about Palestinian crimes will be strictly adhered to. NO mention of the non-stop choreographed riots at the international border where Hamas deploys kids as cannon fodder for as terrorists cut through the fence to attack Israelis; of how students in UNRWA schools are brainwashed by a curriculum that refuses to even Israel by name but urges young people to emulate mass murdering terrorists. There will be no protests over the incessant arson balloons—some affixed with children’s toys and bright lights- that have created an ecological disaster in Southern Israel; not a peep from UNICEF when youngsters die building Hamas terror tunnels targeting civilian communities in Israel. You won’t hear the Canadian or German or Japanese ambassador questioning how $3million of international aid was diverted to build the latest terror tunnel that Israel just destroyed. (The tunnel is the 15th destroyed by Israel  this year alone.).

All those energies and $$$—before, during the next conflict–  will be directed to demonizing Israel as the ultimate apartheid state.

As a public service, we would like to share two recent incidents that define the Jewish nation and  its values, stories that apparently terrify Israel’s enemies and never make the cut with the  global media.

Musa, is a Palestinian baby who received a heart transplant from a one-year old Jewish Israeli child at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv. (There are no organ donors in Palestinian hospitals.) Musa’s grandmother said that her family “would like to meet the family of the Jewish child in the near future and thank them for their generosity.”

Or of a bedside visit that took place the aftermath of a deadly  terror attack in the Barkan Industrial Park on the West Bank, where Palestinians have worked side by side with Jews for years, earning the same wages. A Palestinian tied up a 28-year-old  mother of an infant and executed her. He then murdered a 38- year-old father of three. He shot a third coworker, but she survived. Her comments don’t fit in the to the pre-cooked UN Middle East narrative. Speaking from her hospital bed, Sarah Vettori told reporters according to The New York Times “how one Palestinian co-worker, Basel, ran to her side, comforted her and stanched the flow of blood from her wound with a paper roll until help arrived. ‘One murders and another saves life,’ she said.”

Finally, a vignette you won’t hear about how cultures in the Holy Land can inform and penetrate each other. The Ziv Medical Center located in Safed, northern Israel. The surrounding region, living under the shadow of hundreds of thousands of Hezbollah rockets, includes poor  Jewish, Arab and Druze communities. ZIV was asked to treat thousands of injured from the Syrian Civil War—an enormous burden for a hospital struggling to care for its own.

Before agreeing, Ziv’s medical director, Dr. Salman Zarka, a former IDF colonel, sought the council of local leaders. At one point, he quoted the Talmud, and its ruling that in giving charity, locals have precedent – and the injured Syrians were “neighbors”.

For a physician to cite Talmud is interesting enough, but it was more than that in this case. Dr. Salman isn’t Jewish, but a member of Israel’s Druze minority. But Israelis-all Israelis pride themselves on their society’s values.

The final decision—taken despite the fact that Syria continues to be at war with Israel, was to treat Syrian wounded—not with the triage of a MASH unit, but exactly how every Israeli citizen would be treated entering the ER.

Under battle conditions, wounded limbs are routinely amputated; at Ziv, limbs are saved, patients rehabilitated, and sent home, after all signs of their stay in Israel are carefully removed.

Meanwhile, even as Palestinian terrorism increases, the bullies at the UN will continue—sans truth teller-Nikki Haley— to beat up on Israel—facts be damned.

*Co-author Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein is the Director of Interfaith Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center


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Rabbi Abraham Cooper is Associate Dean and Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Global Social Action
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