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Would a Conservative government take Canada out of the United Nations

Pierre Poilievre, leader of the CPC (House of Commons)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, once the darling of the left and the mainstream media has been losing support during the last few months. Not only has he become an embarrassment on the world stage but he is completely indifferent to the serious problems many Canadians are facing, high inflation and a housing shortage just to name two. On occasion he actually appears to be unhinged.

Even the Jewish community that traditionally supported the Liberal Party of Canada are deserting him over his harsh criticisms of Israel and his silence about the rampant anti-Semitism on the streets of the country’s major cities in the wake of Oct. 7.

Recent polls have shown the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) forming a minority or most likely a majority government if the election were held on the days the polls were conducted. But the next election isn’t scheduled until October 2025 (although the prime minister could call one at any time) and, as they say, a week is a long time in politics. Anything can happen.

A petition was launched asking the House of Commons to take Canada out of the United Nations and by early January the petition had garnered approximately 60,000 signatures. That in itself did not appear to be a big deal until Leslyn Lewis, a CPC MP who had run for her party’s leadership announced she supported Canada withdrawing from both the UN and the World Health Organization.

CPC leader Pierre Poilievre remained silent as he has been on a lot of issues. No doubt with such a large lead in the polls he is playing it safe, letting Trudeau dig himself in deeper. But one thing is certain; Poilievre didn’t criticize his MP’s statement nor did he tell her to withdraw it or say it did not represent the view of his party. He was obviously floating the idea of a Canadian withdrawl.

The reaction of the governing Liberals was predictable. They referred to Lewis as being with “conspiracy theorists and extremists.” The government also wondered what it is about the UN the Conservatives don’t like – working with children or advancing human and women’s rights.

According to Press Progress the British Columbia resident who began the petition did so because he thinks the United Nations wants to enslave people and change human beings into something else. But of course Lewis and a lot of Canadians have better reasons why Canada should withdraw from the international organization. The UN spends a lot of time bashing Israel while ignoring other countries that have atrocious human rights record. One such country is Iran who a few days ago executed four political opponents. Iran was recently chosen to chair the UN Human Rights Social Forum. The United Nations lacks even a shred of credibility.

The main reason Lewis gave for supporting the petition was the international body infringes upon Canada’s sovereignty.

But that was then and this is now. Since Lewis came out with her statement what we have known for some time was confirmed. UNRWA let 12 employees go for actively participating in the horrendous attacks of Oct. 7. The Wall Street Journal later confirmed at least 1200 UNRWA employees are members of either Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Added to that are the UNRWA employees who have family members or close associates who are members of the above terrorist groups.

After the Wall Street Journal’s revelations, Canada became one of the first countries to cut funding to UNRWA. But then. But then. The Conservatives received information that Canada gave UNRWA $25 million that was not due to be paid until spring shortly before “temporarily” pausing funding. While the government wouldn’t admit this, Ahmed Hussen, the Minister of International Development, didn’t deny it when directly asked. In addition to continue to fund UNRWA Canada pledged $40 million to the International Red Cross and other UN bodies. There is no doubt Canada will continue to spend millions that will end up in the pockets of Hamas and other groups whose sole mission is to get rid of Israel.

Hopefully the CPC will form the next government and Canadians will allowed to debate and fully discuss Canada’s continuation in the United Nations. Poilievre has already said if his party forms the government he will discontinue funding to UNRWA as did the last CPC Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Sending the hard earned money of Canadian taxpayers to the UN to aid in the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews is hardly a conspiracy theory or extremist as the Liberals claim. There is merit to the argument Canada should leave the United Nations.



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