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Yemenite Jews sing for the Houthis a song of peace

The Voices of Yemen, a group of Yemenite Jews who sing Jewish liturgical songs from Yemen, are tired of the Houthis attacking ships in the Red Sea and they are tired of missiles being fired at Eilat.

The Yemeni Jews were challenged to write a song for the Houthis before a recent performance at the East West House in Jaffa. And on short notice, they delivered.

The Houthis are known for their vile antisemitism and wrote a song against Israelis and Jews in 2022. You can see the video here: “We will let them taste our might and the heat of the piercing swords, and tomorrow we will see Jerusalem cleansed of the filth of the Jews.”

The Jewish Yemenites wrote a song back with a peaceful message:

Houthis in Yemen I feel sorrow and mercy for you

We want your songs

Not your rockets

Voices of Yemen was created in 2021 by Ravid Kahalani of Yemen Blues.

Ravid Kahalani, promo image

Born in Israel to a Yemenite family, Ravid was steeped in the rich tapestry of his ancestry from an early age. Yet, it was the music of his roots that truly captivated him. With each note sung by his grandmother, he felt the essence of Yemen coursing through his veins, a connection to a land he had never seen.

As he grew, Ravid’s passion for music flourished. He immersed himself in the diverse sounds of the world, from the soulful rhythms of Africa to the haunting melodies of the Middle East. His voice became a vessel for storytelling, a conduit for the experiences of his people.

It was this unwavering commitment that led Ravid to form the groundbreaking band, “Yemen Blues.” With its eclectic fusion of genres, the group quickly garnered international acclaim, captivating audiences from Tel Aviv to Tokyo. Through their music, they celebrated the beauty of diversity, inviting listeners to embrace cultures beyond their own.

Yet, for Ravid, the true measure of success lay not in fame or fortune, but in the connections forged through his art. Whether performing on stage or teaching workshops in underserved communities, he sought to inspire others to find their voice and embrace their heritage with pride.

Today, as the echoes of Ravid’s songs continue to resonate around the world, his legacy endures as a testament to the power of music to bridge divides and foster understanding.

Can a wish for music bring a more peaceful future?

The Voice of Yemen are: Yair Tzabari: vocals, percussion, oud, Aviad Yihye: vocals, percussion Ravid Kahalani: vocals, percussion Boaz Gadka: vocals, oil can, percussion.

This story was first published on the Middle East energy and ecology website Green Prophet

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