You look like a Jewish manicurist, and I hate you. –The Crown

I’m watching The Crown and loving it.

You see I rotate between being an Anglophile and a Francophile.

I’ve owned two Scotties and my better half and I just bought a West Highland Terrier.

Pretty Anglophilish but Paris is my favorite city.

We’re watching season 3 of The Crown, the episode where Princess Margaret finds a note written by her husband, Tony.

Tony loves torturing Margaret by leaving nasty, hateful notes hidden in the books she reads.

The note reads:  “You look like a Jewish manicurist, and I hate you.”

My immediate thought, “What does a British Jewish manicurist look like?”

They can’t be pretty?

Have I ever seen one?

I doubt it.

I remember seeing an American Jewish manicurist. She was kinda sexy and attractive—

Good figure, beautiful hands and a face that said Flatbush.

My next thought—redundancy. “When Tony attacked his wife’s looks wasn’t it redundant to say, ‘I hate you?'”

Here I see another example of the failure in the way the Brits educate their children.

My next thought, “Where were the blogs of outrage and the Israeli press when The Crown aired this anti-Semitic attack on the looks of Jewish women?”

I can hear the Post saying, “Well, we’re not getting our knickers tied in a twist over one line in a 60 hour TV series. The Brits get a pass for the Balfour Agreement, the Kidertransport and helping Israel in the field of “atomic energy.”

To this I respond, but let’s not forget Queen Elizabeth II royal snub of Israel. Since Israel’s birth, her Royal Highness has never sunk her high heels into the dry soil of her Holy Land.

Nor should we forget the 1290 Edict of Expulsion, the White Paper, Shylock and Edward VIII’s relationship with Hitler.

I know I’m talking about history and this written remark was only penned by some photographer who was lucky enough to marry a princess.

But Tony’s snide remark is exactly what I love about The Crown. The TV show isn’t afraid to put an anti-Semitic pimple on the faces of the Royals or to show their dirty knickers.

Watch The Crown.

It’s streaming on Netflix.

I think you’ll love it.

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