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Here’s a nice story about Karma, and how things come around in business, careers, and life in general.

10 years back in time

In 2008, I had the honor of participating in the ROI Summit, and joining the ROI Community of young Jewish leaders and social entrepreneurs from all over the world.

That summit changed my life, especially by instilling the much needed confidence in me to pursue my professional passions, especially those who are related to devoting myself to show people from all over the world the true face of my country.

One of strongest parts of that summit, which I strongly remember to this day, was a talk we had with Shai Agassi, who was back then one of the most talked-about entrepreneurs, with his electric-car venture Better Place. Shai did focus on Better Place – but rather on how he made the decision to leave his executive career and start this venture.

Three overlapping circles with a shared zone

In the talk, Shai told us about the “Hedgehog Concept” (as presented in the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins). This concept is also known as the “Three overlapping circles”, and even has a more elaborated Japanese version called Ikigai.

This talks about how we all have three circles we have to overlap, and focus on the shared zone that is created in the center. Each circle has a theme. The first one is your passion, and is the answer to the question “What lights your fire.” The second one is your competitive advantage, and is the answer to the question “What could you be best in the world at.” The third one is your driving resource, and is the answer to the question “What makes you money.”

The shared zone in the middle is where they all overlap. According to this concept, this is where we should all focus. Organizations, businesses – and individuals.

In his talk at the ROI Summit, Shai told us how this tool helped him understand his own shared zone, and then make the decision to go and pursue his professional destiny, although the risks involved (which, in the end, materialized for Better Place).

That talk made an extremely strong impression on me, and helped me embark on my own journey towards my shared zone – which is today my business.

10 years back to the future

Fast forward to the future, in 2017, WeWork held their first Creator Awards in Israel. I was humbled and honored (and surprised!) to receive a Community Giver Award in the event. But more than that, I was so proud to be able to donate the entire prize right away, to a project I was a part of, which delivers Israeli innovative lifesaving medical bracelets to Holocaust Survivors. And then – to hear directly from WeWork’s Co-Founder and CEO Adam Neumann that they will match my donation, and by that double the prize.

Receiving the Community Giver Award at the 2017 WeWork Creator Awards in Tel Aviv. Source: Assaf Luxembourg

Before I knew about the award, I met Shai Agassi backstage, and thanked him for changing my life with that talk at the ROI Summit, some 10 years ago. After I came down from the stage with the matching-donated WeWork award, Shai came on-stage, and instead of saying what was planned to say, he spoke about the Hedgehog Concept, I immediately took of my phone to capture the moment.

So, here’s another chance for me to “spread the message”, and if this helps any of you like it helped me – I’ve done my part.

Here it is, on video:

Learn more about this story here.

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