Being a Palestinian is the hardest it’s ever been

Being a Palestinian is the hardest it’s ever been. 

Israel has launched another large-scale operation on the West Bank, making it suffer, Jenin especially. 

Ten Palestinians have been killed and more than 110 have been arrested. 

Writing more than dry facts is hard and my heart breaks for these pained people. These attacks aren’t rare anymore, they are regular events in the lives of Palestinians, and they must know that more is probably coming. I hate that fact, but it’s the truth. 

This government, but probably most Israeli governments cannot be trusted with the responsibility that is the Palestinian people. They must be freed. 

And it is not a necessary evil either, for the IDF to remain in Palestine. Propaganda dictates that Israel must protect itself by injecting more and more soldiers into the West Bank, but reality says otherwise. There’s no real practical need for even one singular Israeli to be present in Palestinian towns and cities. Israel has more than sufficient ammo to protect itself from within its borders and no one wins when the IDF sends 1000 troops into Jenin. 

This and all other “military operations” serve the interests of the Israeli and the American military complexes. There is no Israeli that wants to see their children die in battle, so there’s no question there either. Palestinians don’t deserve this type of treatment, no one does.

For someone like me, these events are probably the most strange and perverted, at least regarding social media reactions. On one hand, I see my peers’ Instagram stories and posts, that all, for the most part, pray for the wellbeing of Israeli soldiers while discounting Palestinian suffering entirely. On the other side, I also see Palestinian reactions that always include a short history lesson, something that the Israeli reactions lack. 

It’s simply an observation, but the Palestinian side makes sure to communicate their goals besides the address of suffering.

Israelis love to paint themselves as the victims of the situation, that has been given for a long time. But they somehow never seem to account for the great gap between the impacts of Israeli and Palestinian attacks. An Israeli in Tel Aviv never had to be frightened for their life, fearing the arrival of a 1000-men army. It’s always a lone shooter or a knife-wielding maniac. 

But for Palestinians, it’s a wholly different story. They are not even safe in their homes.

It doesn’t matter if they have a weapon or not. No one deserves to be frightened for their lives while sitting in their living rooms. Obviously, I’d prefer if no one had guns or such, but that goes for Israelis too. 

I hate the Israeli government, with its carelessness and incompetency. A government’s function, in my view, is to improve the lives of its inhabitants in any way it is able to. But this government is not too bothered about that. Unfortunately, even if it was, Palestinians are legally not Israeli residents, as a matter of fact, they are not any country’s citizens. They are helpless. 

Launching a war against another state is one thing, but to time and time again embark on a killing spree on an ethnic group that has no legal or political representation whatsoever is a whole new type of cruelty. 

Palestinians must be freed. Palestine must be free

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Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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