Brave New Circumcised World….

If you believe the following, I have some beautiful waterfront property in Arizona you might like to buy:

Selfies enhance your experience of living

Circumcisions and burials by Zoom don’t hurt as much as the old way

Giving a child, under the age of six, a cell phone to play with will enhance the quality of your mutual relationship and his with others (especially after the age of six) and, even better, the lonely experience won’t scramble their brains

I’ll literally and figuratively end this sales pitch, here, by saying that if you’re still interested in that property, meet me on the west side of your screen…the sunsets are beautiful there…

If you’re not sure where west is (none of your Facebook friends would want you to get lost) ask Siri or Alexa, before they sing you a lullaby, to insure you’re asleep.

About the Author
The author is a Common-Tater, which, when spoken aloud, is a very professional sounding title, for a Mrs. Potato Head. But from the spelling of the title, you can see that, when the author comments on life, she tries to keep a sense of humor in the mix, or in the potato salad, if you will, to try and spice up the spuds. Mrs. Potato Head, also a coffee slut, as you can see from the background behind her photo, lives in the U.S. and has had various careers, in alternative lives, as a teacher, social worker, lawyer, serious and humorous radio show writer, producer, performer and currently as a video humorist and writer. Although, the age of an eleven year old dog (actually a bitch, but we won’t go there), she remains as active as a pup.
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