Electing any Democrat-POTUS empowers ObamaGate Grifters – Part X – Obama

The past two days’ digression into “Russia, Russia, Russia” [here and here] was necessary because it again illustrated how the Intelligence Community launched another futile attack on Trump, noting that the NYT found itself in another blunder over this botched Russia-Taliban story; sadly, it has been self-revealed that [1]—Schiff learned of the Russian Bounty allegations in February and took no action; and [2]—tied in with the Deep State was John “let’s get rich over selling books” Bolton, for Lighthizer denied Bolton claim that Trump asked Chinese President Xi for reelection help.

It is necessary to provide follow-up … with a “twist”; again, however, before providing additional context to what has occurred in the Flynn case—and why it matters—it’s desirable to again highlight the news-summaries of “*Ace of Spades*” & AND c/o “*PJMedia*”; the perceptions conveyed continue to be right-on regarding lotsa “hot” issues, even as many hyperlinks overlap. {Reminder:  Hyperlinks below that are surrounded by asterisks (*) are amenable to being read in their entirety.}

In anticipation of release of Durham’s indictments, it’s desirable to elucidate what has trickled into scrutiny during recent years, culminating in major releases c/o *Ric Grenell*, Tom Fitton, John Solomon, Gregg Jarrett, *Dan Bongino*, and Sidney Powell; books have been written to help ObamaGate-freaks (such as myself, direct lineage of WaterGate) track the players but, for those who are less immersed, it’s necessary to compartmentalize available info [assisted by analysts such as Dan Bongino (Parler), Lee Smith (Internet), and Techno Fog (Twitter)].

IMHO, Obama/Biden should be included, for they contributed to the conspiratorial 1/5/2017 meeting in the Oval Office (and who-knows-how-many prior/subsequent collusion conversations); yet, the powers-that-be (Barr, Graham, Johnson) are disclaiming such interest, so it’s perhaps relegated to whether any of the big-three (Brennan, Clapper, Comey) can be induced to sing.

Before providing an Obama-focused prudent orientation to “how we got here,” it’s vital to recognize that—despite a leftie-inspired ad boycott—Tucker Carlson justifiably has the highest-rated program in cable news history; although I continue to quibble with his (and Trump’s) not recognizing Kurdistan, his opening monologue is a must-view experience each 8 p.m. E.D.T.

Tucker has not only deemed “sociopath Adam Schiff” to be “unfit to hold office,” but he has repeatedly explained why the Russia Collusion Hoax “was all lies, literally all of it” while blaming it on “Official Washington.”

He has taken no prisoners, again, not only when probing issues of immediacy [“relevant information is missing” from Flynn unmasking list for reasons explained subsequently by Dan Bongino, presaging revelations derivative of the 1/5/2017 Oval Office meeting] but also of longitudinal import [Obama Administration surveillance of Flynn was “Domestic Spying” that obviously spilled-over into other Obama-prompted dirty-tricks (with apologies to Donald Segretti)]; this explained why Trump pinned Tucker’s explainers to his Twitter profile.


For me, the disillusionment-process was initiated when former-hero Dan Rather fell from having confronted Nixon on my late-mother’s birthday (3/19/1974) [“No, Mr. President, are you?”] to Rathergate, when he “explained” ObamaGate by contrasting Obama’s silky eloquence (“It’s the scandal of having a president being able to speak with empathy, humor, insight, inspiration and in complete and coherent sentences.”) with Trump’s authenticity.

It was reinforced when it was obvious at the time (and now confirmed via e-mails) that Obama’s Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan bragged “We’re Liars” and “Lying Masterminds” as they were selling the JCPOA [a.k.a. Iran-Nuke Capitulation-Pact], which I condemned in multiple op-eds; thus, the arrogance that begat ObamaGate permeated that evil administration, even though Ex-Trump Adviser Walid Phares claimed ObamaGate “officially” began with Obama’s Secret Deals with Iran that led to his domestic spying on Trump officials.

Others have postulated that Obama triggered ObamaGate on April 10, 2016, during an appearance on a Fox News Sunday morning show with Chris Wallace; some suggest that it was hatched after ringleader Obama became incensed at Adam Lovinger, who worked in the Office of Net Assessment and exposed corruption in Obama’s DoD.

Regardless, it blossomed when it was clear the Obama Administration had spied on the political competition; it even continued that spying after Mr. Trump was elected, and then it tried to cover up what it had done. If Trump had done anything remotely similar, folks would be calling to bring back the guillotine:

The mainstream media, who’ve suddenly become invincibly incurious about Russia-related matters, have posed not one question, either directly or indirectly, to the person to whom all the players in the scandal reported:  Barack Obama.

One reporter who did cover it, Catherine Herridge, was attacked by the rest; in fact, the Biden Campaign and Media have made CBS’ Catherine Herridge (FNC refugee) a Public Enemy after she dared to report on ObamaGate.

A potential saving-grace may be (in addition to those such as James Baker who may turn state’s evidence to save their own skin) is the NSA’s Honorable Admiral Mike Rogers; for example, he reported that he had been excluded from Obama’s White House “Russia Meetings” to which he had invited John Kerry.

The pervasive fear is—just as with BenghaziGate—Obama and his Gang of Untouchables will skate for allegedly, “In Washington, Obama is feared, not loved, for no one dares to cross him. It’s the Chicago Way.”


“This story is like a Russian novel; it’s even better than Dostoyevsky”; but ObamaGate isn’t a Conspiracy Theory, for it’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time, although it appears lotsa people are covering up for Obama.

Obama was THE threat to the Rule of Law, prompting Judge Jeanine to echo the view that Obama/Biden were at the heart of The left’s attempted coup; both Trump and Kellyanne Conway blame both Obama/Biden.

Yet, Lindsey Graham rejected Trump’s push to have Obama testify, despite having gained subpoena power involving the Crossfire Hurricane investigation; he hit major players (Brennan, Clapper, Comey), but was denied access to key witnesses (including FBI agent Stephen Somma, “Case Agent 1” who was “primarily responsible” for FISA failures).

I gently cross-examined soft-spoken Jon Meacham at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kelly House one year ago, and his Dem-biases were impermeable to provision of a few simple factoids, and he obviously has rejected the suggestion that he “tone down” his TDS; thus, it’s not surprising that Jon Meacham exclaimed (without dealing with the specifics of ObamaGate) horror that Trump called Obama to testify, characterizing it as a rejection of “Two and a Half Centuries” of a “Civilized Veneer.”

Again running interference for Obama], Meacham doesn’t want him to be subject to a charge of perjury, although Obama demonstrated he cares not about such concerns, recalling that he had pardoned a general who had actually lied to the FBI.

It’s possible that Maria Bartiromo shamed Lindsey Graham to act; in any case, Graham’s staff uploaded to a new Senate website the four (further, but not completely) declassified Carter Page FISA applications, which had seven devastating revelations about Crossfire Hurricane.

It has been postulated that Lindsey Graham will probe the origins of the Russia Inquiry (someday) without calling Obama because “Blood Brothers” (Obama, Graham and McCain) are still colluding to protect the Obama Legacy (detailed by Dan Bongino); in response, Trump said Graham “would like to stay in the Middle East for the next thousand years with thousands of soldiers and fighting other people’s wars.” (Graham senses that Obama targeted Flynn because Flynn was opposed to the Obama policy of using the CIA to destabilize the Middle East and bring the Muslim Brotherhood and other Jihadist forces to power.)

There may be more to it than this comraderie, as some are even having second thoughts on Devin Nunes for not having criminally referred Obama/Biden despite over three years of investigation; on the other hand, he has called on the alleged Dossier source to come forward and has said that investigators are “laser-focused” on information the CIA gave the FBI for the Russia probe.

Nevertheless, Nunes said there will be “criminal referrals” (including “Obama’s dossier”) against the Mueller Team (and other Dems) because it misled the courts; he feels the “bastards” need to be locked because lotsa information never should have been classified and that more “critical information” remains hiding from public view.

Although sometimes his commentaries pull punches, Hugh Hewitt’s characterization of ObamaGate was correct when he condemned “Abuse of Power” that can’t be ignored:

Those on the left who seek to diminish ObamaGate should know that what they are doing is attempted censorship, an obvious effort to delegitimize the most legitimate of inquiries:  Did Obama or any of his senior team — in the White House, the FBI or Justice Department or any of the intelligence agencies, with or without his knowledge — act to sabotage Trump’s assumption of power and effective administration of the executive branch? This question haunts the left; they fear it and assert without any evidence that those who demand answers are birthers. Like Joe McCarthy branding liberals “communists,” the new McCarthyists on the left are trying use a label to defame opponents rather than [to] study the record.

Finally, it has been suggested that Obama gave a “tell” about the Flynn Investigation in his final press conference when he uttered the equivalent of Queen Gertrude’s “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” (in Shakespeare’s Hamlet).

Simply put, Bongino feels Obama Can’t Hide from the fact that Obama tapped Flynn, and Fitton feels e-mails suggest the Obama FBI knew McCain had leaked the Steele Dossier; even Rand Paul has concluded “Obama is in the middle of this.”

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