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From the top of society, the US government continues its attack on Jews

I reported before, a recent wave of several contributions by government agencies and high-society publications in the US to smear Jews or Israel.

The newest installment comes from the FBI. Now Trump’s public image is nose-diving for his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and his constant lying, others need to be blamed and who are better for that than the Jews? So, suddenly a document appears that “proves” that it were the Israelis (a dog-whistle for Jews) who, with dirty tricks, got him elected.

The most important thing to do when this happens is to call it out for what it is. Not Israel got Trump elected but the American People. If anyone helped, it were Russia and Hillary Clinton but not Israel.

Stop the top-down slandering of the Jews. We know the trick. It’s ages-old.

Say no to anti-Semitism. The super-rich and powerful in the US, the banks and the large stockholders, sold the People down the drain (with Trump as their stupid marionette), cutting down on healthcare, on environmental protection, on protection against international conflicts — not the Israelis.


And here is already the next nationwide attempt to blame the Jews. Supposedly, the court Jew Jared Kushner is the powerful villain behind the powerless Donald Trump. This Jew-hating narrative already circulated for some time but now it comes from a prestigious elitist publication, not just a Nazi website.

If you want to know what a frantic spineless powerless chicken Kushner really is, watch this interview where he looks like a deer caught in the headlights, scared to death to utter one syllable that would offend the semi-monarch, his father-in-law. When you just see this interview, it is clear who is in charge of the White House and who is a powerless servant.


Only a week ago, a fresh Trump administration appointee lamented about “Soros and Rothschild family ‘control’” (two known dog-whistles for the antisemitic blood libel that families of rich Jews run and exploit the world).

I find it shocking that he even wrote: “Soros’s political agenda REQUIRES a pandemic.” Soros has given tens of millions of dollars to coronavirus relief.

And he tweeted a photo of Soros with added skulls and crossbones captioned “The real virus behind everything” (three known dog-whistles: that behind the scenes, families of rich Jews run and exploit the world, that the Jews are a pestilence, and that they should be eradicated).

He’s a known racist and former adviser to a former Russian President.

And of course, he was immediately supported by a rightwing publication as a real patriot. Protests against him are just an attack by the vicious left.

He did not apologize, was not reprimanded and not fired.


As I pointed out many times, the anti-Semitic trick goes as follows. The People are set up against the Jews. They take revenge on innocent Jews. After that, they feel too guilty to go after their real exploiters, the regime.

Spread the word that this is all deliberate and mostly dangerous for the general population because it is meant to disempower them. It has little to do with the Jews. Those are just held hostage and afterward slandered and blamed as a means to help the rulers stay in power.

Most American Gentiles deeply respect if not love Jews and Israel. Don’t let this slander slide. It is utterly dangerous for the whole of American society! And it is upon Gentiles to stop it.

Make no mistake. The goal of these boldfaced attacks on Jews is not just to embolden Nazis. That’s just a side effect. The real objective is to saw and grow animosity against Jews in the general population. That prepares for then later being able to blame ‘the’ Jews for Trump’s amateurish criminal incompetence and lack of caring that already killed 60,000 Americans. Throwing the Jews under the bus should then help to get Trump reelected.

Most Americans who want Tromp reelected, don’t want to accomplish that through scapegoating and sacrificing the Jews. That would go against their conscience and religion convictions and obligations.

BTW: The recent explosion of US anti-Asian racism has the same aim.

Update March 3: An unnamed interlocutor, reportedly a top official, Tzachi Hanegbi, a close associate of Netanyahu, according to anti-Zionist Haaretz, of a foreign country, which contextually appears to be Israel, had been trying to help Trump get elected. Translation: The Jews who oppress the Palestinians got Trump elected and are responsible for all the horrendous things Trump has done to the American People. Again, blaming the Jews.

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