Giving Tuesday Roundup: My Favorite Jewish Charities and Why You Should Give to Them

You know that a week is special when half the week has unique, semi-official names.  With Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday behind us, we have officially entered into Giving Tuesday.  For people still looking to find a Jewish charity to donate to this Giving Tuesday, I’ve done the research for you.  And if you can’t decide today which charity best fits what you’re looking for, New Year’s is right around the corner.  So you can keep this list in mind if one of your resolutions is to give more tzedakah. Tizku l’mitzvot.

  1. Yad Eliezer

    Yad Eliezer is an Israel-based poverty relief organization.  Its services range from providing family food packaging to sponsoring a wedding, and much more.  Donate on the top right of the page, depending on whether you want to give a one-time donation or a monthly gift.

  1. ORA (Organization for the Resolution of Agunot)

ORA is an organization to eliminate abuse from the Jewish divorce process. ORA’s goal is to work within the parameters of Jewish law and civil law to advocate for the timely and unconditional issuance of a get.  They have resolved 285 agunah cases to date.  Donate here.

  1. Chai Lifeline

I had to include Chai Lifeline on the list.  Everyone knows Chai Lifeline, but not   everyone realizes the extent of their services.  In addition to organizing for kids with cancer to enjoy free camp, they also offer free counseling to people affected by cancer and their families, as well as educational assistance, financial assistance, etc.  Donate here.

4)    JScreen

JScreen was founded in 2013 and completely changed the world of genetic testing.  You can find out if you and your partner are carriers of the same genetic diseases, and for couples who are, JScreen provides information and resources to help with planning.  Donate here.

5)    Lev Lalev

Lev Lalev translates to “heart to heart.”  It’s a girls’ Orphanage and Children’s Home located in Netanya, Israel, and provides a safe and loving home, in addition to individualized therapy, mentoring, tutoring, and assistance with simchas.  Donate here.

Make this Giving Tuesday and this holiday season count.  Looking ahead to the next holiday, happy early Chanukah.  If you’re still looking for gift ideas, check out these eight crazy gifts.  Happy Giving Tuesday, and Chanukah sameach.

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Working in NYC politics and from South America, with a passion for those doing great things for the world through philanthropy and featuring their stories.
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