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How come Bernie Sanders mentions good things from Castro but not from Netanyahu?

Bernie Sanders finds it only a matter of honesty to credit Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro for the things he did well (education for all). How come he can’t say one decent word about Israel’s PM, democratically elected Benjamin Netanyahu? Should we not ask this question?

The answer is that Jews are oppressed just like any other oppressed group but every oppression also has specific points about those targeted by it. Jews no exception.

Self-hate exists among all oppressed groups. Women who rather would be men (read: would love to not be oppressed), kids who just dream of being older (not seeing that their age is not the problem), etc.

But self-hatred among Jews is high as in no other oppressed group. That is because Jews need to care about everyone, not just themselves. We have a Divine mission to lead all of Humanity to Paradise on Earth. But when this backfires, because of anti-Semitism, Jews don’t only start just caring about themselves. Many Jews start hating being Jewish and even all Jews. But their anti-Semitism may be much fiercer than a self-hating woman’s sexism. They may team up with mass murderers and terrorists. They may actively disseminate anti-Semitic lies all over the globe.

Now, hear me well. There are gradations in Jewish self-hatred. There are huge gaps and differences between:

  • The anti-Zionist Neturei Karta members who visit and hug people who want to kill all Israeli Jews, like Arafat, Chamas, and the Junta in Iran, and
  • Someone like the chess genius Bobby Fischer, who hated Jews and could never stop speaking about this hatred (denying he was a Jew though both his parents were), and
  • The main writers in Haaretz who give ammunition to anti-Semites and non-hating leftists, poisoning brains and discussions around the globe, and
  • Leftist leaders like Sanders (who as a Jew, shamelessly leads foreign animosity against Israel and called Bibi Netanyahu “a reactionary racist” to a thunderous applause) and others who feel sorry for the self-inflicted hurts of Arab Palestinians but cannot empathize with the innocent Israelis who still need to be scared for their lives and send their kids, the dearest they have, to the army not knowing if they’d come out alive, and
  • Believers in and admirers of Donald Trump who pretends to like Jews but only finds them useful and reliable servants, promising them safety no-one does, this way holding Jews hostage, enabled by a hostile world.

So, the short answer is: he says he’s proud to be a Jew but he clearly is not. He feels close to any oppressed group in the world except Israeli Jews. He won’t even speak at AIPAC. (To be fair, by now, almost all the Democratic candidates (sans Blumberg) have passed on speaking at AIPAC (because of Super Tuesday), but to be real, Sanders was the enthusiastic first and not because he’d be busy.) But he would pay a friendly visit to any anti-Semitic club that would invite him. ‘You see, they’re not anti-Semitic — they talk to me.’ Not understanding, that for those, he’s just a useful idiot in ridding the world of Jews or at least curtailing their safety, power, and esteem.

Sander’s anti-Semitism shows, so say others, endangers Jews the world over, and will make him not become US President because the American People will never elect an openly anti-Semite to office. And his opponent, Donald Trump, will make sure that it will be openly.

But, do read people who say the opposite of the above. I did read such a blog post after writing mine. I only found more arguments for what I thought already. Yes, Bernie is typically Jewish in that he cares about everyone. But he’s also typically Jewish in that he doesn’t care enough about his fellow Jews in Israel — see his ‘Israel-but’ pronouncements.

(Now I come to think of it, Bernie is often portrayed in an anti-Semitic way though that is not called out and I’m not sure he recognizes it. And I’m not even talking about that blatant example when a magazine scrutenized how Sanders’ acquired his ‘wealth’ but not how any of the other Democratic candidates made their money (he wrote a book and never spends anything on fun). When they say: ‘Nobody likes him,’ that’s a (negative) stereotype on Jews. As is when they say: ‘He’s all talk but never gets anything done.’ NB: Don’t confused this all with a Jew making a self-deprecating joke. Just like a brown or black African-American can say nigger in certain contexts.)

This all, not taking away an ounce of his merit to try to introduce more social decency into the US that is missed by never getting anything from the socialist perspective that Europe got in the past Century. Until now, being a worker in the US still feels as serving a slave-owner — guess why.

And that’s exactly the dilemma for a lot of US Jewish voters. How can they pass on these great ideas but how could they support an anti-Zionist?

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