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Iron Dome or David’s Sling in Ukraine

The Israeli Air Defense Systems, such as Iron Dome, and David’s Sling (Magic Wand), which includes Arrow 2, Arrow 3, Iron Dome, Barak 8 and Iron Beam, is a much more complicated issue than merely giving the systems to Ukraine.

This missile defense is classified cutting edge tech, first and last line defense.

Ukraine asking Israel for their top-secret missile defense is like Ukraine asking USA to give something comparable, for example, like the B-2 or B-2 tech.

Plus, the Israeli system is so advanced, Russia and Iran would not hesitate to lead, or pay for, suicide missions at any cost to retrieve any part of the Israeli missile system. Further endangering Ukrainian civilians.

And, if the Israeli tech is stolen, it will exceedingly endanger Israel, and their Arab Allies in the region, who are targets of Iran.

Israeli missile defense is the linchpin, the key, to survival in a war with Iran that also has nuclear weapon ambitions. Threatened to annihilate Israel, which would no doubt erupt into a horrid Middle East regional war. We not talking a few hundred missiles fired at Israel, and her Allies, no, we’re talking thousands per day.

Furthermore, Israel has been in kind of a low-key, proxy war with Russia, since the Russian military and their ‘sophisticated’ military equipment and weapons have occupied Syria during the ongoing 11 yearlong Syrian War.

Remember that war? Still going on in Syria.

Similar to Ukraine, people said it wouldn’t last; in addition to politicians drawing Red Lines which amounted to empty threats against the al-Assad Regime for killing his own people.

Moreover, there is a credible possibility that the Russian Jewish population would be in peril in Russia, in an already dicey situation, if Israel were to provide Ukraine with concretely effective air defense.

However, news that Russia is, maybe, partially withdrawing from Syria may give hope that Israel will expand its current providing of intelligence, and medical and humanitarian support to Ukraine, to additionally include tech and weapons.

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Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author that has been in the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean region since 1992. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But some of his abridged reports have been posted as articles or blogs. Don is also the book author of the international spy and assassin thriller, The Children of Santiago. The story is no fuzzy, cutesy story. Instead, a sobering, blunt, action and psychological account about a military general, Santiago, using child, teen and young adults as spies and assassins. Recruited from international families while on active assignments abroad during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 1990s.
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