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Is Trump banking on an Arab Palestinian uprising — against the PA and Hamas?

Trump & Co seem to believe that the prospect of peace and prosperity is plenty to make the Arab Palestinian population instantaneously forget their century-old animosity against the Jews, their decades of indoctrination against Zionism and for seeking martyrdom and murder, and to precede in throwing off the PA and Hamas dictators. Is Trump right?

Well, poverty and a century of national humiliation didn’t do so. Decades of Israeli good will has only been interpreted as weakness and not kindness, it seems. What would make the US peace team so optimistic?

My answer is: they totally ignore Muslim Jew-hatred of centuries. Now the Christian world after Auschwitz had begun to embrace Jews; now the antisemitism of the fifties had disappeared from US public life, they falsely assumed that Jews will be liked everywhere.

Never mind that Israel still is a pariah in the UN. Never mind that most countries want to dictate Israel what to do as if Jews have no moral compass. Never mind that antisemitism is on the rise globally.

Trump and his friends are further so corrupt that they are willing to threaten human survival on the planet for a few easy quick bucks of climate change denial, a new arms race, and promotion of wars. So Trump must have thought that Arab Palestinians can be bought off too. Just give them a lot of money and all will be fine? Not so. Anti-Zionist is rooted in fanatical religious idealism-of-sorts. Religious hatred, just as all bullies, must be cornered and cannot be removed by pandering to the violent.

The Deal of the Century is up against a century of Zionism. The latter is rooted in reality, the former in wishful thinking. The Arab Palestinian leadership will not just call it contronymically sarcastically a [negligible] big deal of the century. They will label it as genocide, mass murder and they and their fellow hatemongers will call up to fresh violence. And the Arab Palestinian population will not resist their violent leaders — to their own prolonged detriment. Nothing new under the sun.

And Saudi Arabia could slightly support it because it is looking to regaining political legitimacy after it executed a Washington-based critic (though it won’t let Israelis visit). Have no illusions about the hostile population of Egypt and Jordan. The Arab Palestinian rejection will not be an exception.

However, just hours away from revelation of the Deal of the Century, I’m sorry to say that I suspect all Arab opposition to be just a tactic to get more and more concessions while the deal really is mainly bad for Israel.

For decades, we gave away so much already in return for almost nothing. Practically, all Israelis want peace so much but more Israeli concessions are expected to be demanded and they will neither give security nor peace.

Netanyahu nor Gantz has a mandate to do this to Israel

My worst fears are coming true. This latest ‘peace plan’ is just like all the ones before: both sides making concessions, of which Israel will be forced and the Arab Palestinian side will done nothing.

Who needs enemies with friends like that? I hope that the Israeli electorate will totally block this charade in our upcoming elections. I’m most disappointed that Bibi, Mr. Security, fell for this nonsense.

The PA ‘only’ needs to reject terrorism and dictatorship to receive a Palestinian State. So, the PA will claim that it has a long-term security cooperating with Israel, doing consistently what it needed to do and again, Israel alone will be accused of not working for peace and blocking a Palestinian State and justice for Arab Palestinians.

And on top of that, again Israel must compromise and Arab Palestinian dictatorial leaders will get bonus after bonus.

After receiving Jordan and all of Gaza, Arabs dictators will now be allowed to also receive 80% of the West Bank as price for never recognizing the Jewish State. As I wrote yesterday, the West Bank is not the issue.

The two basic reasons why this ‘peace plan’ is dead on arrival are:

1. It doesn’t liberate the State of Jordan for the Arab Palestinian People, and
2. ¬†it doesn’t oblige the Muslim world to root out antisemitism.

I hope and pray that the Likud will to rise up against this and the party of Liberman to become the largest in the Knesset.

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