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Israel can only depend on Israel

For years I’ve been reading analytic reports and material about Israel and Iran.

Some say only negotiations and treaties will work in reducing or stopping Iran going nuclear, others say, the military option.

However, there are those that claim there really is no ‘real’ way a military option can succeed.

I’m sorry, but I say that is absolute nonsense on utilizing negotiations/treaties and failure of military or clandestine options.

Negotiations and treaties are useless for numerous reasons.

The Iranian leadership and military leadership believe, actually convinced is a better word, and they cannot be swayed otherwise, that they are commissioned by God or Allah, therefore a higher, undisputed, unstoppable, and supernatural force. Westerners have no idea of what this deep rooted, entrenched belief concept is, and how powerfully it engulfs every bit of Iranian leadership life, duty, actions and performance.

Iran believes they are an empire or what we nowadays refer to as a superpower (despite they are not even close either in trained military numbers or a current, at-ready nuclear triad).

Furthermore, bowing, agreeing, accepting or following western or Israeli terms, who many times are openly referred to as Satan which should immediately also reflect Iran’s candid disrespect or disdain of westerners and Israelis, reflects zero chances of success. Especially long-term, demands or terms, or any terms that are not Iranian terms.

The path of negotiations and treaties is downright, historically, culturally, religiously, manly (we’re dealing with the reality of strict, undisputed Middle East male dominance here, not western political correctness or woke culture), terms or demands, that have been proven consistently, unacceptable, unreliable and ineffective. And, Iran dictates, they are not dictated to.

Treaties or sanctions have demonstrated Iran flexes, adjusts and perseveres through negative or restrictive treaties and sanctions, and with the help of their allies, Russia, China and North Korea.

Plus, since 1948, all nations, including USA, despite being supportive, have demonstrated they will not directly militarily intercede for Israel, due to their own inner political and domestic disagreements, economies, Russia, China and Iranian terror threats.

It isn’t that every nation doesn’t want to honestly help, but each allied nation has always had, and will continue to have, a reason for not getting directly involved. Reliable, past data confirms it. So does history.

Moreover, in most cases, since 1948, all these nations have one time or another, or consistently, called for Israel’s restraint, stoppage, boycotting, and/or prevented Israel from defending themselves in the major wars, numerous conflicts and terror attacks.

The only true, complete victories Israel has attained is when they did it on their own.

Israel can only depend on Israel, all the time, every time, forever. The sooner they realize and accept this reality, the sooner they will firmly succeed.

The military option.

I have repeatedly stated in reports and articles, Israel does not have to destroy the multiple nuclear targets, including the underground. Merely permanently disabling and/or contaminating them and the ground-soil, rendering them inoperable.

In fact, it’s easier than destroying, and some can be done without air or sea strikes.

Many in Israel have complained that Israel stopped their aerial training attacks on Iran in about 2015, but Israel simply shifted their attack approach. And, this doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what they did and are doing. Along with restarting vigorous aerial, sea and ground training against Iran, Hezbollah, and threats from Gaza for the, probable, unfortunate inevitable.

When Israel needed to win, in all cases since 1948, they persisted, figured out a way, and succeeded. Many times, completely on their own (sometimes with secret or limited help from USA and others).

In addition, when the odds were greater against Israel, when multiple nations were against them and ‘allies’ uncooperative or silent, when Israel had far less men and women power, less weapons, no tech, less professional coordinated training, and no nukes as a protective, last resort against enemies threatening Israel’s annihilation, they overcame all seemingly impossible obstacles.

Only Israel comprehensively knows the Middle East culture, religions, mentalities, behaviors, geographic and atmosphere necessary for a win and survival.

Most other nations do not completely understand it, ignore it, or are blind to it entirely.

Israel can only depend on Israel.

About the Author
Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author that has been in the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean region since 1992. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But some of his abridged reports have been posted as articles or blogs. Don is also the book author of the international spy and assassin thriller, The Children of Santiago. The story is no fuzzy, cutesy story. Instead, a sobering, blunt, action and psychological account about a military general, Santiago, using child, teen and young adults as spies and assassins. Recruited from international families while on active assignments abroad during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 1990s.
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