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Left-wing hypocrites, chill out

I will get to the hysterical hypocrisy of the left shortly, and I will get to how they are only making things worse for themselves, but first things first.

Although I did pretty well in the primary season with my predictions, and pretty well a couple years ago in the mid-term elections, this time, when it came to Trump at least, not so good. In fact, bad. Like most everyone else.

Time for me to take my lumps. From the top.

I said last Tuesday night, election-wise would be a short one with the country knowing that Hillary Clinton would be president before the east coast went to sleep. I was wrong. The night went long and well you know the rest. I even felt Hillary would do better than a couple polling outfits and I was wrong. I was wrong about certain states, like Florida, North Carolina and yes, Pennsylvania. And there was a hidden army of Trump voters after all and they turned the election on its head.

I was spot on about nasty Harry Reid’s machine in Nevada getting out the vote, especially Latinos, but contrary to my implying Latinos in this election would be an awoken “sleeping giant,” and I do think the day is coming that they will be, they slept for the most part.

I said blacks would show up, not as they did for Obama, but enough to matter, and they did not. I also said Clinton would get at least 95% of their votes. She received 88%, Trump got 8%.

I said Trump would not get Independents and he got 48% to Clinton’s 42%. I was right that fair-minded Democrats would not vote for Trump. As an example, Hillary received 91% of Democrats in the flipped state of Wisconsin, won by Trump by 1 point. Many Democrats just stayed home.

I said, “You don’t win over non-Republicans with the most divisive, polarizing candidate in this generation, maybe in this country’s history.” Yes, you do.

This reminds me of the race between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole in 1996. Clinton had already been known as immoral before this election for his second term, even before Monica Lewinsky, and the Republicans made a big deal out of his less than savory persona, even using the slogan “Character Counts.” Clinton won of course, because the people wanted who they wanted and didn’t care about all the noise.

I was right when I said Hillary would win women by 10% or more. She beat Trump by 12%.

I said both houses of Congress would hold and stay Republican and they did. I was right and wrong about a couple winners and losers in the Senate and expressed my worry of a flip to the Democrats, but it held. I said Republicans would lose 5 – 10 seats in the House and they lost 6.

But bottom line, I was wrong about the big show. See? I can admit when I am wrong, because it is so rare. 🙂 I could say, I was wrong in what mattered most, but honestly, what mattered most to me was the Senate. It needed to hold in order to check Clinton, and now that Trump won, the Senate needed to hold to check Trump.

OK, done with the lumps. Now to what has bothered me since the election.

After Trump became the winner, I had two thoughts. The first was, ”Finally, we are done with Clintons!” The second was my wishful thinking that Trump would step aside and allow his VP-elect Mike Pence become president.

I have made no secret of my distaste for Donald Trump and perhaps that may have colored my better instincts. In any event, he won, and I was so hoping people could chill out, especially the left. My own view was that I hoped he would do a good job, backing off some of the rhetoric, much of it in my opinion, only to win. My hope was he would be given a fair shot, and not just platitudes by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

I was very relieved and pleased Republicans held the Congress. And Trump is not the kind of Republican there generally is in Congress. The leaders are from the dreaded (to unreasonable purists) “establishment,” and they will do they best to support or counter Trump when necessary. Hopefully more of the former than the latter will be needed.

I am also very pleased that Trump chose Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus to be his White House chief of staff and I hope Trump lets him do his job. His picking former Breitbart CEO and Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon to be his chief strategist doesn’t thrill me, but I am not worried about it.

I am glad Trump is looking to the more seasoned establishment for other posts and positions. He ran against them all, but has recognized he needs them to govern.

In any event, what does the future hold? Would Trump try to keep his promises, all of them? Will there be a wall and will Mexico pay for it? Looks like a fence in some parts might do now. Will he oppose pending and new trade agreements and even try to kill old ones, or will he accept a watering down and then claim victory?

Will he have the Congress repeal and replace Obamacare, or try to fix it? There is some confusion as to what he will do with the health care law.

How will Trump defeat ISIS? Will he undo the Iran nuclear agreement? Will he move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

How will Trump supporters feel when Trump backs away from some of his positions as all presidents invariably do?

Will Trump finally stop or at least control the twittering?

There are many questions that will be answered over time, but what has made me angry is how the left has been acting since it lost.

No, all Trump supporters are not racists, just like all of Hillary’s supporters don’t want to burn down the inner cities. Try explaining that to the left.

I have mentioned in the past that many Trump supporters were educated, in fact highly educated and cultured. But even so, yes, many Trump supporters were from the forgotten towns of once proud industrial enclaves, as in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan. And the white working class has as much a right to speak as any.

As much as I despised Trump, I winced every time I saw the cultural elites bash him and his supporters. I am so glad the late show talking heads, the progressive holier-than-thous, and the Hollywood spoiled hypocrites got their comeuppance. These snobs looked down their noses at those they felt unworthy because unlike them, they drove pickup trucks instead of Volvos and Priuses. And by the way, many Trump supporters drive Volvos and Priuses too!

I am now watching each night as those who think Trump is a threat to the rule of law break the law by rioting, blocking freeways, beating people up, torching cars, smashing windows, spray-painting vile graffiti on buildings and vandalizing businesses. Why aren’t Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama forcefully telling these agitators to stop? Were the situation reversed, the double standard mainstream media and Democrats would savage the protestors and Republicans.

The media and many news-selective progressives on social media publicize every incident of stupid high school kids making racist comments, and swastikas painted on walls, ignoring the vitriol from the left, just as bad if not worse, and the damage, both physical and psychological, being forced on our society, even on our children.

For example, I have seen and heard about a number of cases of parents proud to let us know their four and five-year-olds cried bitterly at Trump’s victory, as if such a young child could fully understand enough to act in such a manner. If your five-year-old who should be more concerned about things not so serious is so upset, it can only be because you made him or her that way, and you should be arrested for child abuse. Shame on you for exploiting your children that way.

The left can never take responsibility for anything. Hillary singled out James Comey of the FBI and his reinvestigation of her server as a reason for her loss. Comey and the FBI. How about this Hillary? How about you never had the private server in the first place and not lied about it all the time?

It is also that dastardly Electoral College that caused this because Hillary won the popular vote! Guess what, those who made a big deal when Trump complained about a rigged system? The reason the Founding Fathers came up with the system was so that among other things, there would be no disenfranchisement, no “tyranny of the majority.”

All states figure in the math, and not just the most populous. How many thousands of people didn’t bother to vote in definite blue states like California, New York and other states because the outcome was so clear? Were there no electoral college, perhaps they would have voted.

And having an electoral college didn’t prevent so many Democrats from staying home. Their non-participation was in effect, their vote, a condemnation of a terrible, unworthy candidate and her party that lost, and so, other states held sway as the founders knew they would in that case.

Other sour-grapesters said the Trump supporters were stupid and racist and misogynistic. Guess what elites, you can actually not like someone and not want him or her to be president because you just don’t agree with them and it has nothing to do with anything sinister. If you never figure that out, and you probably won’t, more defeats will come your way.

And speaking of more pending defeats for the Democrats, the answer to your mess is not to go further to the left, as it looks like you may. Keith Ellison, the congressman from Minnesota is the last person you want at the head of the DNC. But he is Bernie Sanders’ choice, right? And Bernie would have won, right? You really think Bernie could have beaten Trump? He would have done worse.

Democrats, now that the Clintons will hopefully fade away, and Barack Obama will go to, and hopefully stay on, the golf course, and to me and others, this election was a clear and resounding repudiation of not just Hillary, but also of Obama and his policies and his arrogance, the answer is to not only coddle the extreme part of your base, but to reach out to everyone. But will you?

The Democrats will face a mid-term in a couple years where they will have to, unlike last week, defend more Senate seats than the Republicans. Go ahead, Democrats, go left and lefter. You will end up like the leftist Labor Party in the UK, a group of out-of-touch, weak legislators, a good number of whom don’t hesitate when it comes to bashing Israel to the point of blatant Jew-hatred.

And speaking of Israel, I respect those on the left who have supported Israel and done more than just gone there once in a while to take the obligatory picture at the Western Wall. It is interesting that some who have done so want Israel to give up all “occupied” lands, lands that if they knew better, would know includes that very wall they so admire.

And these same clueless leftists were mad at Israel’s Prime Minister for opposing the Iran deal when the majority of Israel’s leftists were as much against it as Benjamin Netanyahu.

I have seen the social media posts trying to convince everyone and especially the Jews that Trump was an anti-Semite. The KKK endorsed Trump! So he must be like the KKK! Other supporters have made anti-Jewish comments! As if the Democrats don’t have their crazies?

Our Israel-haters are at least not institutional. It is easily arguable by his own words, appointees and supporters, that Bernie Sanders is anti-Israel. When it comes to Israel, the above-mentioned Keith Ellison is certainly no prize. I and others consider those who support, or support those who back the BDS movement, as not just anti-Israel, but anti-Semitic. So because Bernie endorsed Hillary, does that make her an anti-Semite?

An opinion poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Washington showed that 68% of Saudi Arabians preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. That’s more than two thirds! Continuing with the left’s logic, that must mean Hillary supports the stoning of gays and the beheadings of adulterous (supposedly proven) women.

It is amusing to me that some leftists, Jewish and otherwise, who rarely, if ever, say anything about any Jewish issue, try to convince anyone who would listen that Trump hates Jews.

Those who spend almost all of their social media time looking to trumpet every left-wing cause and conspiracy, looking to save the whales and the snails, looking to condemn the police at every turn, kvetching about every minority except for the Jews while never saying anything about Israel or Jewish causes, have no credibility with those of us who spend our lives defending and caring about the Jewish State, and who proudly support Jewish traditions within our community and around the world.

And who know Donald Trump is not an anti-Semite.

Finally, yes, I am sure there would be many Republicans who would refuse to want to work with Hillary and the Democrats had she won. But that doesn’t mean you, her supporters can’t at least try to sit down with Trump and the Republicans, and do what is right and what is noble for this greatest country ever to grace the planet.

If you just can’t find it in your hearts to at least consider cooperation, if you refuse to calm down and instead, remain hostile and antagonistic, if you keep posting links about moving to Canada, then because I want so very much that we all do our best to care about each other, I say to you, be sure to pack something warm. Canada is a beautiful place, but it can get pretty cold up there.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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