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Let’s Get Smart About Dumb Bombs!

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Let’s talk about dumb bombs, shall we?

The US (Israel’s BFF) is publicly accusing Israel of using dumb bombs for 40% or more of its drops.

A few facts about Israeli warfare:

1. Yes, Israel is using dumb bombs because it is in a dire situation where it needs to use all the munitions it has at its disposal.

2. BUT (and this is a big but!), they are using the most technically advanced systems to deliver them and ensure they only target known terrorist positions. The goal: to minimize civilian casualties.

And let’s take it from there.

Once we take into account that, hands down, Israel is the single most humane military in the history of warfare (Google: Richard Kemp Israel…or just start here:

How about some perspective?

A few facts about Hamas terrorism:

1. Of the 100,000s of missiles that Hamas has aimed at Israel during this and every single past war or conflict, exactly 100% of them are dumb.

2. AND their only goal is to create as much destruction and kill as many Israeli civilians as possible.

But they don’t succeed.


Because while Israel invests all its money in defending and protecting its citizens from the constant threats that face them every…single…day, Hamas spends all its money on terrorist infrastructure and making its leaders wealthy as kings in Qatar.

The leaders of Hamas are literally BILLIONAIRES (yes, that’s “billion” with a “b”) from all the international aid they have stolen from their citizens. And then use said citizens as fully exposed human shields, living in destitute poverty and squalor.

Your tax dollars at work.

But I digress.

Want to talk about “dumb bombs”?

Approximately 20% of all missiles (read: repurposed water pipes) launched by Hamas land in their own territory. Remember that hospital they hit that more than 50% of the world STILL blames on Israel?

Now, that’s dumb.

And the whole argument against Israel just gets dumber by the day.

President Joe Biden, the Zionist (his words), seems hell-bent right now on undermining his own credibility by looking for any possible reason to publicly condemn Israel with trumped up (see what I did there?) accusations just to please his rabidly anti-Israel, and largely antisemitic base.

So…how many times can I use the word “dumb” in one blog post?

Bottom line, just about every argument that anyone anywhere uses against Israel is actually precisely what Hamas is guilty of. Dumb bombs, apartheid, genocide, colonization. All of it.

So, I have to use the word one more time.

How dumb can this world really be?

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