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Mass Muslim War Crimes: Mere Nebulous “Militancy”?

Why are national leaders unalterably unwilling to define barbaric, bloodthirsty terrorists, cutting off heads by the score and attacking cities around the world, as “enemies” — even when it’s clear that creating a trivialized nebulous straw man “militancy” makes it impossible to even target and wage war against “Islamized” (Saudi king Salman’s term) Muslim terrorists — much less win? Moreover, when Muslim Egyptian Pres, al-Sisi and Muslim Saudi king Salman calls these terrorists out as “Islamized terrorists,” what authority have non-Muslims like American Pres. Obama and European leaders to override Muslim leaders’ definitions in Islamic matters?

For self-absorbed Americans, mass war crimes in faraway lands — having nothing to do with texting relatives and friends, children’s school activities, pets or dinner plans — pass without notice; they don’t really exist. Self-absorbed Europeans, only slightly more targeted by Islamized terrorists, blameshift it all on Jews (Israel), which corroborates what they’ve always assumed. Yet, military experts increasingly acknowledge that no one can wage war against an undefined, nebulous enemy; much less win!

Realizing this, leading intellectuals are increasingly also realizing, and acknowledging, the basic and unavoidable fact that winning this global war against an array of Muslim terrorist groups is an ideological war.

The next logical step should be obvious: it’s conspicuous to every rational person that this ideological war orbits the phenomenon of violent Islam, with the consequent violent Jihad. Thus, this ideological war is, explicitly, a war with “Islamized” Muslim Jihadists of violent Islam at its core — inescapably a religious war that is principally about Muslims’ definition of Islam and the consequent Muslim religious action-posture toward members of rival religions! In other words, “It’s religious, stupid!”

Violent religious wars, even at their most successful, imposed no more than a temporary suppression on rival ideologies, only for as long as military superiority could be maintained. Ideological difference can only be resolved through ideological, intellectual debate. No violent religious war has ever been settled with violence, nor can it ever be.

Super-Weapon Against Religionless States: Dark Ages Polemics

In the Dark Ages, when the masses were illiterate and superstitious fears reigned supreme, mystic-clerics claiming to speak for “god(s)” seduced the masses, determining religious ideology unopposed. Polemics and apologetics were, at best, a staged show in which the militarily superior rulers demonstrated their “divine” might and right. (Most European royalty today derive their claims of “divine right” from this preposterous claim.)

Intellectual polemics and apologetics based on historical documents, science and logic were suppressed in favor of a superficial, one-sided display.

In our present era of the internet, where facts and knowledge are increasingly accessible to everyone, unnatural reverence for mystic-clerics is increasingly overshadowed by literacy, knowledge, evidence (especially archeology and historical documentation), facts, and logic (science). Winning an ideological war today and in the future means turning to intellectual polemics and apologetics on a new, intellectual, battlefield of increasingly literate and knowledgeable masses. Unavoidably, polemics and apologetics will win all future religious conflicts. Violent wars will increasingly be seen as the last resort for ideologies that are intellectually bankrupt and devoid of intelligent reason. Military might will be motivated not by a perceived religious right to rule all mankind as “the arm of god“, but by defense and deterrence against anti-intellectual, irrational, ignorant, superstitious “sons of darkness”.

So, why do western (including European) leaders unalterably refuse to name “Islamized” Muslims as the terrorist enemy — as Egyptian Pres. al-Sisi and Saudi King Salman have already defined them?

Pres. Obama (Kerry, Hillary & Co.) and European leaders, beyond their inability to wrap their minds around anything more complex than “Sunni radicals bad,” are unequivocally afraid — make that trembling in their shoes — that if they were to call Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists (beyond wetting themselves) it would inflame all Muslims around the world, igniting an Islam-wide, Muslim Jihad against all western (Christian) nations.

Even beyond their overwhelming fear of igniting an Islam-wide religious terrorism against western nations, which is already underway anyway, there is a far greater reason why western nations cannot name “Islamized Muslim terrorists” as their enemy: democratic western nations are separate from religion — western countries have neither any offense (religious polemics) whatsoever nor any defense (religious apologetics) whatsoever against any polemic offensive! Islamized Muslims claim to fight for Allah against infidels. Jews have counter-arguments. Christians have counter-arguments. But “religionless” western nations, by constitutional law, cannot have a counter-argument. There’s the rub!

Antidote To Dark Ages Polemics?

In today’s modern-era religious war, countries where national religion is outlawed by separation of religion and state have thereby disarmed themselves against enemy polemics! By law, they cannot conduct any religious defense (apologetic) against an onslaught of religious polemics. Consequently, Islamized terrorists’ polemics go unchallenged, an implicit state endorsement of the Islamized terrorists’ claims, supercharging them to seduce defenseless (religiously unprepared against polemics) children and the naïve sophomoric masses. Unsurprisingly, off they go to “do God‘s will”. Thus, the Dark Ages Islamized Muslim terrorists are already winning the war by their use of ideological super-weapons — religious polemics that, by law, must go silently unanswered by “religionless” nations. Religionless countries are, and by law must remain, defenseless against religious polemics.

This should raise an obvious red flag: what is the remedy against Dark Ages religious beliefs? And the answer is singular and obvious: a modern, scientific, indisputable reworking of religious apologetics — hard evidence of archeological and historical documentation, logic and science that relates you, the creature, to the concept of the Creator of the physical laws that booted up and govern the logical and scientific reality of our universe.

Without this fundamental change this religious war will inexorably continue mankind’s reliance on the slaughters of wars to settle religious differences; with its current, unavoidable, direction: barbaric onslaughts, beheadings, massacres and eradications of religious cleansings, all driven by Dark Ages religious believers who, as the self-perceived “Arm of God,” feel compelled by God to eradicate all “infidels” (rival religions) whom they define as enemies of God whom they must destroy, which they perceive to be their “holy work and service to God.”

Religious polemics and apologetics are the super-weapons in any religious war; the driving force that animates all of the traditional weapons of war. Only these ultimately decisive super-weapons can change the perceptions and motivations of the populations who are, most savagely, operating the traditional weapons and waging warfare to massacre and behead all who disagree with them. This decisive power of religious warfare will impose this ultimately decisive question: are you well armed — standing on solid ground that will hold up under modern and future scrutiny of logical and factual reality that relates you to the Creator of our universe? Or are you, too, standing on the trap door of a gallows of unquestioned assumptions, that what your religious teachers have always told you can’t be wrong — rendering you defenseless chaff before every Dark Ages religious onslaught?

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