Monday’s vaccine shipment from Israel — the PA hides the truth again


A review of the latest news on TOI Monday night Israeli time revealed the following story written by Aaron Boxerman.

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry acknowledges receiving 2,000 Moderna vaccines today — without mentioning that Israel transferred them.

Earlier in the day, the Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories — Israel’s military liaison to the Palestinians — said that it transferred 2,000 coronavirus vaccines intended for Palestinian health care workers, through the Beitunia checkpoint south of Ramallah.

But it appears those health care workers never received them.

In its statement, the PA health ministry denies that vaccines had been distributed to “any groups not otherwise mentioned” — a tacit reference to rumors alleging that vaccines had been quietly handed out to PA leaders and their associates.

Further Advice For President Biden And The Democratic Lawmakers

In view of the refusal by the Palestinians to acknowledge from where they received those vaccines, this is very disturbing.

But even more important is the rumor that those vaccine doses were handed to the Palestinian leaders and not given to the Palestinian people. Given the past behavior of the PA that should not be surprising.

This further raises the possibility that any funds the US hands over to the PA will end up in the wrong hands and used to purchase weapons while supporting terrorist activities against Israel.

That should be simple enough for Joe Biden and the Democrats to understand.

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