Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin

Negative Feedback


Democracy is part of our DNA  which sends messenger RNA (mRNA), empowering all our institutions.
Democracy enables a bloodless revolution. We do not have to go out into the streets, fight the police, storm barricades or cause grievous bodily harm. If we think the time has come to replace the regime, we do so. In a monarchy, even a cat can look at the Queen. In a democracy, the cat can replace the Queen.

In a democracy, a prime minister is the first amongst equals. In Israel today, our Prime Minister is alone amongst non-equals. I would go even further and say amongst nonentities. Instead of governance, we have seen brainwashing. We are told that Netanyahu has beaten Corona and is a source of inspiration unto nations. This is poppycock; we are not amongst the top 10% when considering death rates, nor are we amongst the top 10% in time spent in lockdown. We have spent more time in lockdown than any other nation. We are virtually an island. We have one point of entry, and in many respects are more insular than New Zealand and Australia. Yet our Prime Minister insisted on keeping the borders open; he told us to rejoice at his victory and precipitated the second wave. In the first wave, where we were supposed to establish social obedience, he openly flaunted the rule along with his fellow ministers. Tne PM then precipitated the third and worst wave, having sent everybody off to Dubai to celebrate his breathtaking alliance with the Emirates. He forgot to tell us that he had alienated our most important ally-the king of Jordan in his daydream to get the Saudis to say hello.

Bibi’s claim for the mantle of greatness and his unique qualities are epitomised in the vaccination programme. Let’s be brutally truthful; the mRNA is a relatively unknown means of developing and delivering vaccinations. At best, we should be suspicious and careful when employing it. It most certainly does not come in place of social distancing and being careful in general. The World Health Organisation explicitly stated that vaccinations are not enough; we must maintain distancing and precaution. Prudence was thrown to the wind because it would negate the magic Bibi. Anyone using mRNA could have used the British vaccine effectively; it does not use mRNA but the traditional and tested means of vaccination.

Artificial mRNA pretends that the DNA had produced it and is ordering the production of the needed antibodies. We do know in any biological system, there is negative feedback. We can postulate if the mRNA were to be produced by the DNA, it would be sending back negative feedback. Thus telling the DNA that it had been created and eventually turning the DNA off. All biological systems operate with negative loops. We have no idea, in this case, if this loop exists, and if it does, what are we doing with artificial mRNA. Every other mechanism in the body works on a negative feedback loop. When this feedback loop is broken, the process can get out of control, as seen in cancer, hormonal disease,  diabetes and many other illnesses.

I’m not an alarmist; I do not know if the process, in this case, exists. But the question should have been asked and wasn’t. In my medical experience, Big Pharma are prepared to tell half-lies and half-truths. Usually, this method that might be very successful would have been tested with a great deal of money in Third World countries. It wasn’t-instead we gave them money and tested it for them. We still don’t know what the results are. We could have waited; we could have developed or bought the more conventional vehicle for delivering a vaccine. We could have done this quickly.

Meanwhile, as they have in New Zealand, we should have controlled the outbreak by governing correctly by telling people, especially the religious communities, to behave. Bibi did not have the political desire or clout to do this. Instead, he solved his problem and pretended he was solving ours.

Our unique, irreplaceable Prime Minister decided to play Russian roulette with our health because it suited his needs. He took an awful gamble recklessly, which was avoidable. If Bibi had behaved as a prime minister should, he would have taken control of the situation as they did in New Zealand. He did not.

This is not the first time I have openly expressed my opposition to Benyamin Netanyahu. Today more so as I see yet another one of the old Likud party’s established members, Mickey Eitan leave the Likud. He joins Livni, Meridor, Begin, Shamir and Millo, all previous Princes. They were second-generation founder members; they grew up knowing Jabotinsky’s credence, common decency and honesty. Their goals are the wholeness of the People and Land of Israel. They were Democrats, liberals, men who upheld justice and lived by the law and all democratic institutions. Netanyahu is none of these. They had democracy in their DNA; does Bibi?

Unlike them, I will not leave the Likud. It is a democratic party, and as such, I have every right to voice my opinion. After this election, we will see if Netanyahu can form a government that can rule. If he cannot, then we must all ask ourselves questions and give answers. The Likud is above any one person, and the well-being of the nation and its people are above everything. This is not about Bibi; this is about us and the Likud’s DNA.

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Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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