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Only Buddhism Can Save Israel and Jewish People

Barack Obama Mandela, in the United States Army holding an Israeli flag, at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. (Personal Collection)

The State of Israel is now trapped in a cycle of war with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah. This cycle of war promotes a mindset of violence, fear, bloodshed, tension, and insecurity. To truly being peace to Israel, there must be a cycle of love and cycle of grace in Israel.

In Buddhism, there exists a mystical concept known as “Metta” which means cosmic, infinite loving-kindness. The entire State of Israel should embrace the Buddhist principles of harmlessness (Ahimsa), non-violence, non-duality, and purification of Karma.

In the deepest sense, the Jewish people must completely erase “Jewish karma” which currently includes anti-Jewish ideologies such as anti-Semitism, ethnic cleansing, and the attempted genocide of the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, negative regimes such as Nazi Germany have made anti-Jewish beliefs the centerpiece of their dangerous power structures and war machines. The false and stereotypical portrayal of ‘Jewish power’ and ‘Jewish influence’ was perverted into a hateful, genocidal bloodbath that culminated in the so-called ‘Final Solution’.

Make no mistake about it: anti-Semitism is an existential threat to the Jewish people. In order to defeat anti-Semitism, we must cleanse Jewish karma and reinvent the Jewish idea based on love, grace, non-violence, equality, and harmlessness.

The idea of  “God’s chosen people” must be replaced with the idea of the “loving people”. The Jewish people must become known as “people of grace” and “people of kindness” and “people of humility”.

The Hebrew phrase “asher bacharbanu mi-kol amim” (God has chosen us from all the nations) should be replaced with “Jewish people are loving, harmless, and full of grace and tenderness”.

The so-called ‘chosen people’ idea should be erased permanently from the Jewish religion and culture. To promote Jewish people as ‘chosen” only furthers anti-Semitism by creating jealousy, envy, distrust, and conspiracies of violence.

Elitism and arrogance only serve to demonize the human nightmare by promoting inequality, unfair power grabs, and unclean hands. Rather than elevating the Jewish self, we must elevate the poorest of the poor. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

The Israeli enterprise must embrace the Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain concept of “Ahimsa”. This is a multidimensional concept that believes all life contains a spark of the divine. Therefore, it is completely wrong and unacceptable to hurt another being. To hurt a Palestinian Arab brings evil karma on the entire people of Israel.

All harm and violence bring an endless cycle of evil karma and negative reactive consequences. It’s an unbroken chain of wickedness and unhealthy energy.

The State of Israel must become a universal symbol of love and grace similar to Mother Teresa who served the poorest of the poor. The word “Israel” must be a synonym of selfless service, harmlessness, charity, and purity.

The hands of the Jewish people must be as clean and pure as the angels in heaven. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) must promote unending love and boundless grace and non-violence with Israeli soldiers learning to love their enemies.

We, as a people, must give hugs and flowers rather than bullets and bombs. We must love our enemies with pure souls and pure hearts by embracing Buddhist philosophy.

The State of Israel must become the State of Love. The Star of David must become the State of Grace. And the Israel Defense Forces must become the Israel Love Force.

Our everlasting life of perfect peace will begin when we love those who hate us. We must love our enemies with all of our hearts.

Barack Obama Mandela studied Buddhism at Diamond Way Buddhism in Jerusalem from 2013 to 2014.

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