Pamela Geller – Deemed ‘Not Conducive to the Public Good’

Much has been said about Geller, some of it through sites such as Breitbart which provide a platform for her voice in the UK when she should not be anywhere near the United Kingdom. You see, Geller was banned in 2013 by the then Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon Theresa May MP and she was deemed to be ‘not conducive to the public good’.

Geller seems to believe that I was instrumental in influencing a banning order being attached to her which is ludicrous since a number of organisations objected to her entry into the UK in 2013, where she was to give a speech shortly after the brutal terrorist murder of Lee Rigby. No doubt that speech would have contained toxic references to Islam and Muslims being a threat to Western society which is the general drift of her narrative. Whatever, you may think of this position, and I hope that it would raise alarm bells, Geller plays the ‘freedom’ vs ‘Islamic tyranny’ line like an orchestra in full swing. However, a deeper look at her past comments show more to her than meets the eye.

Take for example, her belief that the Srebrenica massacre in 1995 was a hoax In fact, she made these claims repeatedly. More bizarrely, she claims that Serbia was not a threat to its neighbours and that the Clinton attack on Serbia in 1999 was “in order to pave the way for an Islamic state in the heart of Europe – Kosovo”.

Just to add insult to grave injury, in this article she stated: “The facts stand. Seven to eight thousand slaughter (in Srebrenica) is not even remotely possible. 3,000 Muslim troops were redeployed without their families being told, (there is Muslim confirmations of this). No one “saw” a single atrocity. And 38,000 out of 40,000 survived the “genocide”.”

By adding the quotes to “genocide” it was pretty clear that she was disputing that Srebrenica was a genocide and she was effectively, a genocide denier. This in contrast with the fact that our previous Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon David Cameron MP had financially supported Srebrenica memorial day as a national event in the UK, precisely to mark the genocide.”

Or take the fact that Geller supports ‘alt-right media’, sources of media that are run by people with far right ideologies. Or take the fact that she used the term ‘House Jew’ and stated that Obama is an anti-Semite and a ‘Jihadi’ in the White House. Or take the fact that she smeared the well respected and well run Community Security Trust which provides anti-Semitic hate incident third party services to Jewish communities, as well as much needed safety to Jewish institutions across England.

In this article in 2009 Geller stated: “Much like the Jewish councils of World War II Germany that helped assist in what would become the extermination of the Jews, we are witnessing Jewish groups like the CST aiding and abetting Islamic jihad and Islamic anti-Semitism.”

In fact, more recently in 2016, Geller decided to once again attack one of the most respected hate crime organisation in the United Kingdom – the Community Security Trust. She stated: “This poll which shows a vicious Jew hatred among Muslims in the UK. This despite the subservience and craven cowardice of UK Jewish leadership. Jewish ‘leadership’ in the UK (including the Community Security Trust quoted here) supported my ban in the UK. My opposition to jihad and sharia, and my unwavering support of Israel led to my ban and these cretins supported it. Despite their grovelling, look at the poll results.”

You see, it is not the fact that Geller ardently supports Israel that led to her ban and nor should it ever be the case. A simple and cursory look and review of her comments clearly show, without even referencing her anti-Muslim bigotry, that she was ‘not conducive to the public good’ in the UK as the then Home Secretary deemed her to be. If anything, genocide deniers and those calling people ‘House Jews’ and supportive of far right media sources should stay where they are – in her case in the United States.

About the Author
Fiyaz is the Founder and Director of Faith Matters, which works on countering extremism, community integration and monitoring hate crime work. He is also the Founder of the national Islamophobia Monitoring Group, Tell MAMA, and was it's Director from 2011-2016. He has worked on supporting better Muslim and Jewish relations for over 17 years.
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