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Bob Ryan

Reasons to Impeach President Biden

President Biden has shown actions and inactions that should force Congress to remove him from office.

The current handling of Afghanistan shows a rigidness to President Biden who is unable to adapt to changes on the ground. The Taliban did not sweep through the country overnight, but over the course of more than a week. During that time, there was no change of strategy from President Biden. He set the course and refused to steer the ship in any direction other than where it was already headed.

The brutality sweeping through Afghanistan, which has left Afghanis rightly terrified, is the result of the perceived weakness of President Biden. From the moment he was sworn in, he has refused to change course on any policy he sets, which means the Taliban already knew the United States would do nothing significant to react to the changes.

Our Afghani allies have been betrayed by the current administration, which sends a clear signal to other allies throughout the world. The United States, under Biden, cannot be trusted, because the President is incapable of doing what is needed on the world stage.

From an article published on The Federalist, by Jordan Davidson, on August 16, 2021:

“While the world reckons with the Taliban’s quick takeover of the capital of Afghanistan over the weekend, President Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki are nowhere to be found.

Without a word to reporters as he stepped onto Marine One on Friday, Biden departed the White House to relax at Camp David until Wednesday, just one day after his administration sent 3,000 U.S troops to Kabul to rescue people working at the U.S. Embassy while terrorists took over other Afghan cities.”

There were things that could have been done to make for a more orderly removal, but President Biden chose the course. He did not believe the Taliban were going to move as quickly as they did, but he had over a week to adapt to the changing situation and did nothing of significance.

Going on vacation at a crucial time is not the action any President should take.

The images reminiscent of Saigon, of people falling to their deaths by trying to cling to planes is on President Biden’s shoulders. Numerous actions could have been taken that would have saved lives, but he ignored the options.

It is not just inflexibility on the world stage where Afghanistan is concerned, but Iran. President Biden treats Iran as if there are people within the regime who can be trusted to stick to any deal. From the moment he became President, the Iranian terrorist regime has been in violation of every agreement in pursuit of becoming a nuclear power. No additional pressure has been brough on the Iranian government.

From the New York Post’s Editorial Board published on August 6, 2021:

“President Joe Biden’s insistence on resuming Team Obama’s disastrous 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran has truly entered the world of the absurd… And if you think Iran might suddenly become a reasonable, good-faith negotiating partner now that a new president took office Thursday, recall that its new leader, Ebrahim Raisi, is a hardline devotee to the Islamic Revolution — with oceans of blood on his hands.”

From an article published on The Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo, on April 19, 2021, “The administration is still moving forward with its diplomatic efforts even in the face of public and private opposition from Israel and major Arab nations.”

Iran cannot be allowed to become a nuclear threat. With an inflexible American President who is incapable of seeing the Iranian government for what it is, terrorists who terrorize their people and the world, other nations will need to act without the United States. Israel is not the only nation who cannot allow Iran to achieve their goals and may very well find themselves as part of a coalition of Arab states who deal with the Iranian government through joint military action.

It is not just global issues that should lead to President Biden’s removal, but domestic. Much like former President Obama, the Biden administration has lost numerous Supreme Court cases. When former President Obama lost a case, he accepted the defeat and changed course. The President of the United States, no matter who fills the office, is there to enforce the laws, not ignore them or directly violate any law.

Congress, not the President, writes the laws. When a President ignores the laws, he is in violation of the oath he took and should be removed.

What President Biden has done, which former President Obama did not, is ignore a Supreme Court ruling. No President can do as they please. There are Constitutional limitations in place to prevent overreach.

From an article published on Outside the Beltway, by James Joyner, on August 4, 2021, “The new US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scheme was announced after the White House, hampered by a Supreme Court ruling and Congress’ failure to act, had repeatedly argued it had no constitutional authority to extend the moratorium… The Supreme Court already ruled that it was beyond the CDC’s authority.”

President Biden was already informed he did not have the power to have the CDC extend anything, but gave the order to violate the Supreme Court ruling. This is a clear case of abuse of his power. If nothing else, he should be impeached for this action alone.

The surging numbers of people crossing from Mexico into the United States has surged since President Biden took office. These are not just people from Mexico and Central America making their way into the United States in violation of existing laws with the help of the Mexican Cartels, but people from all over the world.

There is no way to know how many have entered since President Biden was sworn in or what the intentions are. Considering what is happening in Afghanistan, there may be terrorists in the United States who were smuggled in by one Cartel or another. The Cartels do not ask questions about who or what they smuggle in, only if they have the resources to pay the fee.

When the porous border with Mexico was in the news due to the vast numbers coming across, President Biden put Vice President Harris in charge. He shirked his responsibility in order not to have to take responsibility.

From an article published on Microsoft News, by Jordan Fabian and Jennifer Jacobs, on March 24, 2021:

“President Joe Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of resolving a surge in migration on the U.S. southern border that’s overwhelming federal immigration authorities, handing the vice president the first major assignment of her tenure.”

Vice President Harris showed she was incapable of handling the border. If she cannot handle the singular issue of the border with Mexico, she should not be in a position to become President. She was given the opportunity to show she can do the job of President, but failed despite what President Biden would later say.

From an article published on the New York Post, by Samuel Chamberlain, on June 24, 2021, “President Biden backed Vice President Kamala Harris Thursday ahead of her trip to the US-Mexico border, telling reporters his besieged second-in-command has “done a great job so far” on the issue despite waiting more than three months to visit the beleaguered region.”

President Biden has an odd way of thinking if he believes Vice President Harris has done a great job. The only changes at the border are the increased numbers of people entering the country illegally. There is a disconnect between President Biden and the realities of the world.

There has been significant damage done in and out of America, but no serious moves to impeach. If Congress does not act, the damage already done will continue. The United States cannot have a rigid President who is clueless about what is happening.

Past impeachments of federal judges, like Judge Pickering in 1803, prove that there is no need to violate a law to commit an impeachable offence.

According to Cornell Law School:

“The 1803 impeachment and conviction of Judge Pickering as well as several successful 20th century impeachments of judges appear to establish that judges may be removed for seriously questionable conduct that does not violate a criminal statute.”

Judge Pickering has a distinguished career as a lawyer, member of New Hampshire House of Representative and state judge, which was the reason President Washington selected him for United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire in 1795.

From Constitutional Law Reporter, “After years of poor health, Pickering had developed a reputation for “ravings, cursings, and crazed incoherences.” As part of his effort to remove Federalist judges from office, President Thomas Jefferson suggested that Pickering’s embarrassing conduct and alleged unlawful rulings amounted to an impeachable offense.”

He was the first Federal Judge to be impeached and removed from office. His conduct was not criminal, but was rightly removed. From the descriptions, it sounds like he suffered from dementia.

Impeachment is a tool given to Congress to remove people from office for more than just violations of federal law. It is there to remove anyone from office who fails to do their jobs. President Biden, from the start, has shown he is incapable of altering a single course.

The damage done on the world stage and domestically can be stopped if Congress acts quickly to do their jobs. Right now, there is no serious willingness to remove President Biden from Office. Based on the removal of Pickering alone, he should be impeached.

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