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Requiem: A Socialist Democratic Midterm

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The “midterm” elections have finally come and gone here in America and we can make make a few broad conclusions.

  1. There was a “blue wave” that swept the House of Representatives.
  2.  Many of the “freshman” Democrats are avowed Socialists and Globalists who are turning the Progressive Democrats further to the Left.
  3.  The majority Democrats, who are not term-limited in terms of their ability to serve or chair various House Committees unlike their Republican colleagues, sound like they intend to spend the next two years investigating Donald Trump rather than working on behalf of the American people.
  4.  This will create great friction between the “old guard” who will control committee chairs and the freshmen who are demanding acknowledgment of their power and influence now.
  5.  Wall Street has made the greatest of all blunders. Instinctively leaning Democrat because they all live in New York, they made enormous contributions to Democrat interests. Combined with the inordinate personal spending by Michael Bloomberg ($80 million), George Soros ($512 million from his Open Society Foundation), and Tom Steyer ($123 million), Socialist and Globalist candidates were funded at unprecedented levels. This from people who want to get “special interest money out of politics”. Yeah, right.
  6.  A fellow named Sherrod Brown just won re-election from the State of Ohio. He appeared at the Right Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference this week and he said the following: “…If Stacy Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it. It’s clear. It’s clear. And I say that publicly….They can’t win elections fairly; they win elections by redistricting and reapportionment and voter suppression and all the ways they try to scare people, particularly people of color.” Stacy Abrams is not the Governor of Georgia and no one stole the election. Sherrod Brown is race baiter and a revolting human being to make such an unsubstantiated charge. This is where we are headed. Sherrod received $7 million in campaign contributions from lawyers and law firms; tort lawyers, the kind that chase ambulances and do not want to see any restrictions placed upon awards that drive up the cost of insurance for doctors and drive up the cost of medical insurance premiums for “working stiffs”. He is a hypocritical political hack. But let’s take special interest money out of politics, by all means.
  7.  Donald Trump campaigned to keep the Senate in Republican hands. As a result, Republicans now hold 53 seats and the Democrats 47. With that majority, there is nothing the House can enact without the Senate’s approval. In addition, all confirmations of Cabinet officers, judicial appointments and international treaties must be approved by the Senate. So, divided government will be the rule for the next two years; the House can spend as much time as it wants investigating whatever it wants. But it will be perceived as wasting the people’s time because nothing will go through the Senate without some bipartisan consensus.
  8. In my uneducated view, this sets Donald up on a strong path to re-election and likely control of both Houses in 2020. If people like Rep. Eric Swalwell, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee, who, like his colleague, Rep. Adam Schiff, swears there is evidence that the Russians threw the 2016 election to Trump, proposes to spend $15 billion in taxpayer funds to “confiscate assault weapons” from American citizens before his party has become the majority and criminally prosecuting those who do not participate, the Socialist Democrats are headed to the same fate as the Do Nothing Party.
  9.  If you were to look at an image of the US post-election, you would see the “blue wave” clearly. Up and down the East and West Coast, along the border in Texas abutting the Rio Grande, and the interior of the country would be solidly red. People in California, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are angry that the tax reform advocated by Trump has eliminated their ability to deduct their offensively high state income taxes. Perhaps those states should learn some financial discipline, and not require the rest of us to offset their profligate spending? Or they may want to consider adhering to Federal law and abandoning this notion of “sanctuary” where social services are provided to illegal immigrants which are inevitably borne by taxpayers. There is a reason these “caravans” are headed to Tijuana and California, and not to Laredo or Brownsville in Texas though the distance is shorter by hundreds of miles.
  10.  Trump is naturally going to turn his focus to foreign affairs which is the logical result of divided government. I see him focusing on trying to resolve the trade impasse with China, which has obvious military implications as well, which will draw us closer to Japan and Australia. There can be no resolution of 30 years’ of trade inequities with China without a complete cessation of their IT theft which has gone unacknowledged since the Bush 43 Administration. The Chinese steal. The Chinese twist the notion of “free enterprise” to suit the designs of the Communist Party. The Chinese seize disputed islands and convert them into military facilities without consulting their neighbors. President Xi may wear a Western Business Suit, but his Mao Jacket hangs adjacent in his closet. It will stop or there will be no deal. Despite the personal loathing that Silicon Valley and Hollywood hold for Donald, they have no choice but to support his efforts tacitly because by holding fast on IT protection, he holds fast for them. They have no spine. They want access to the Chinese market and are willing to give Xi whatever he wants to gain presence. Their activities in China should be closely regulated and they should be barred from conducting business there if it compromises American interests. Shareholders be damned.
  11.  In the Middle East, where matters are always convoluted, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has created an absurd sense of chaos with his obvious role in the botched assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. He may have been an irritant to the monarchy, he may have supported the Brotherhood, but should he have been lured into an embassy on foreign soil, murdered and possibly dismembered? What kind of crude madness is this? It plays into the notion that the Saud kingdom isn’t approaching the 21st Century, despite the obscenity of their wealth, and that the Sunni’s are as divorced from reality as the Shi’a are. They are no better than their counterparts in Tehran. MBS has confirmed that Islam will countenance slaughter, condone lying to protect itself and remains mired in some murderous religious text from the 7th Century whose foundation is that apostasy must be extinguished.
  12.  There was an article in Bloomberg today that 3 people today control the world price of oil: Mohammed bin Salman, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. MBS directs the output of OPEC, but his ability to control that group is likely to face severe challenges in 2019, given his unfolding role in the Khashoggi fiasco. Putin would like to solidify his relationship with MBS, as it becomes more difficult for Trump to stand by his man, but he cannot afford to bend his output to OPEC’s supply manipulations. While America considers harsher sanctions on the Saudi Kingdom in light of the murder, the biggest threat to the Saudis and Russians comes from the Texas oil patch. American producers have added the volume equivalent of the entire output of Nigeria in the last 12 months. Their production could reach 12 million barrels a day by April, six months sooner than the Department of Energy was forecasting a month ago.
  13.  Socialist Democrats should celebrate their temporary good fortune. But when one of their “leading” candidates to oppose Donald Trump in 2020, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee (which harassed Judge Kavanaugh with unfounded charges of sexual predatory behavior), began questioning a nominee of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, she compared ICE to the Ku Klux Klan. ICE enforces the laws passed by Congress of which she is a member. The Ku Klux Klan, of course, took the law into their own hands, terrorizing African Americans in the “Jim Crow” South, burning crosses, and were leading figures in the Democratic Party. Sen. Harris should have a better developed sense of self-awareness.
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