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The bad character traits and motives that told Bloomberg to run for US president

Just think about it

Lazy. His first move is a 100-million dollar ad campaign against Trump. He missed the Democratic consensus that has formed that the Democratic winner needs to scale down the anti-Trump speech and rather have a positive campaign. Anyone who likes negativity already has Trump to vote for. This election is not about Trump. If you discuss Trump, he already won — more personal attention. Then you play into Trump’s hands, play his game. Coming out swinging like that means he hasn’t put in the hard work of following what is going on. BTW: we already have a lazy president.

Arrogant. He thinks he’s better than anyone else. We already have a president like that. The reason that many did not vote for Hillary was that she looked too arrogant. Trump, though, is such a smart-ass con artist, he made his superiority look like from-rags-to-riches. Never mind that he grew up super-rich and instead of making capital he just lost money.

Trump not only lowered the Office of the Presidency. He makes his work look simple too. Many overlook his superior verbal skills. (It’s all he has. He has no insight, no stamina, no philosophy or belief system.) If you’re just right or angry, you’d lose. Trump is too good to be true and many like that.

Lying. He’s not afraid that Trump will win again. He’s terrified that a democratic-socialist would win. We have the best liar already in the White House. And next to Donald, Michael will lose (The best doesn’t always win. Hillary was far more capable and still, she lost.) because it’s obvious that Mike’s in it for himself. Even four years of Trump presidency will not show he’s too. He constantly flatters and pleases strategic groups of people. If the choice would be between lying Trump and lying Bloomberg, Trump would win because he’s more colorful. In comparison, Bloomberg is a bore.

Bored. Donald too ran for he needed a new armchair challenge. But the People will reject to be Mike’s plaything. ‘I’m not your toy, you stupid boy.’

Ungrateful. He doesn’t appreciate the Democratic field there is. But there are so many Lazy, Arrogant, Lying, Bored, Ungrateful multi-billionaires — what makes him think that he would stand out? Rather, if he really had the best of America and the rest of the world in mind, he should put his money behind one of the existing candidates after studying the Democratic field.

A Few Positive but Not Helpful Notes

Jewish. He would (finally) be the first Jewish US president. Yet, Americans don’t really care. They voted Obama not because he was Afro-American and not despite it. On Israel, he’d be hard-pressed to outdo Trump.

Honest. He seems an honest guy, interesting in improving the world for all. This is especially laudable in a multi-billionaire and makes Jews and G^d look good — deservedly — Jews have a long tradition of being honest — see the Talmud. However, just the fact that the incumbent president is a con artist doesn’t mean that the Democratic Party lacks honest candidates.

Progressive. He seems a genuine progressive on many issues. That is nice. But also, that’s the norm in the Democratic Party. He doesn’t need to run to save Democratic talking points.

Decent. He received many honors and rewards and Wikipedia lists no scandals. That’s commendable for someone so long in the public eye.

Late. It’s not just late in the election cycle or late in his life; he’s had so many chances to stand for president. IMHO, he should admit to regret and apologize rather than deny that he missed his chance. It’s unforgivable in particular that he didn’t run in time to prevent Donald Trump’s presidency.

On related news, Anthony Scaramucci, bored now he’s finished ghost-writing the Anonymous book, is preparing the ground for his book’s seeds to have a chance to sprout in fertile ground. He keeps giving himself away by just now doing the media rounds more than ever. He’s also like the pyromaniac who can’t bear to leave the crime scene.

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